Delicioso Bistro & Restaurant Bali: The Hidden Gem in Kerobokan

delicioso bistro and restaurant bali

Bali is not always about beaches, sun bathing, and surfing. Have you ever thinking to just go around and do food hunting? Well, maybe doesn’t make any sense but you should try it once! Just spend one of your day to explore Bali’s food and you’ll get to those corner which are not in the hustle bustle of tourist area but also worth to visit.

I come to Bali for food. And one day, ended in this beautiful homey place named Delicioso Bistro and Restaurant. This place is way far from the crowd. Reading the board name, I was thinking that this must be-definitely-exactly one of Italian restaurant. Those pizza, spaghetti, and fettuccine kind of things. But I was totally wrong!

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Lantern Bali: The Vibes of Asian Street Food

lantern bali

Who don’t like Asian street foods? 

Yes, it is oily and spicy. Some of them aren’t that health to consume 7 times in a week but nothing can compete them for their richness in spices, strong, tangy, and garlicky flavors — to sum up paradise in the mouth. I have to admit that they are the greatest street food ever!

If you are in Bali, and into these Asian’s or would like to give a hit on try some, you are in the right page to read this article because what I’m going to tell you is one of Asian restaurant that pulling up Asian street food into their table. Keep reading!

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Star Anise Restaurant Bali: Experiencing Colonial Flamboyant Rice Table in Bali

star anise restaurant bali

Indonesian doesn’t only has thousands of paradise destinations, but it also has indigenous foods — one of the reason why I am so proud to be part of it. This country has many island across nation, lead on different culture that affect on different taste. Let say, West Java which dominantly live by Sundanese people, it has a typical sweet and non-spicy cooking. West Sumatera in the other hand well known for its Padang food which totally the opposite of it. Minangkabau people dominantly served spicy and used coconut as common ingredients. 

Exploring Indonesian cuisine one by one will never end but having all various kind of the foods in one dining is possible, Star Anise Restaurant Bali made it happen. Taking a dining concept from Colonial Regime, the restaurant serve Indonesian Grand Rijsttafel  — a long rice table consist of up to 20 Indonesian side dishes.

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