Ramayana Kuta Resort Bali Review: Luxury in Authenticity

Weekend is the best part of the whole week. After 5 days working, it is the best time to take a break, refresh your mind, learn something new, and motivate your self with something special, agree? Simple trip to place you haven’t been, gathering with family, or sightseeing around might be nice things to do. But my favourite is pampering myself…

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Berry Glee Hotel Kuta Bali Review: Throwback a Glee Stay-Cation

The trio Berry titled hotel located at Kuta area might interest your sight, let you think of what’s the different between them. Berry Hotel which located at strategic area of Jalan Dewi Sri looked so budget friendly while Berry Biz Hotel which lies on the hustle bustle of big Sun Set Road suits more for business convenience. The two others berry’s seemed so casual but…

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Rhadana Hotel Bali (Review): Thematic Moslem Friendly Hotel at Kuta

“Do not judge by the cover”. Well said proverbs, because this was what I experienced in Rhadana Hotel Kuta Bali. At glance, Rhadana looked ordinary just like any other usual hotel but who knows you’ll found 70 different thematic rooms inside? I didn’t expected that until having two night stay-cation at this three star hotel and figured everything out.

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taman air spa bali

Taman Air Spa Bali (Review): 120 Minutes in Wonderland

Giving yourself a treatment once a while is needed, especially during your holiday. And just like any other ordinary girl, I always love the idea to have one day escape for head to toe pampering in this so called heaven named SPA. Having spa in beauty nature of Bali has become every girl’s dream. Balinese people know it well thus…

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