Who doesn’t love chocolate? Just imagine sweetness of white chocolate, combine with crunchiness of nuts, sour-sweet of strawberry, creamy taste of milk, and melted dark chocolate in one shoot. No, no! Do not say that you are on diet or do not like sweet because you will totally regret not to taste this hot strawberry chocolate!

So, the story is, this morning I was being waken up by a very loud sound in my rooftop where then I realized that it is raining cats and dogs outside. Not a surprise anymore because it happened not only one or two times these days. It was cold and dark outside which ended make me craving for something hot and sweet to drink. Then, I open my refrigerator and found pieces of  strawberry and chocolate leftover that I use for my previous drink recipes. Well, it is time to do some magic with leftovers!

I basically do not like over-sweet-drinks but this is exception. Strawberry and white chocolate is totally a good mates not only for cakes but also for drinks. Besides, let me tell you that strawberry is really good for your body. I know that this is classic thing to share but never mind. Strawberry contains lots of vitamin C (around 51,5g per serving) that is really good to keep your immunity.  It is also good for your eyes and skin. According to this site www.besthealthmag.ca and so on, consuming strawberry in daily could help you to fight against wrinkle naturally (Oh Yes!). Moreover, it is also best to consume for those who have diet because it  low in calories (28 kCal per serving), fat-free, plus low in both sodium and sugar. Okay, now we found reasons why we should eat strawberry. It is like buying a clothes with double discount, isn’t it? So there is no reason as well not to try this recipe. Enjoy!




Fields: 1 portion



1 cup milk (you can use unsweeten condense milk and water but I prefer the usual milk)

5 fresh strawberry, leaf stripped off and cleaned

3 small blocks of white chocolate (around 10 grams)

1 tsp cashew nuts



2 tbsp of sweeten chocolate condense milk

1 tsp of cocoa powder


How to make:

Blend milk, strawberry, and cashew nuts together in a blender until smooth.

Move it to small pot and let it boil in high heat with white chocolate inside.

While waiting it to boil, apply combination of sweeten chocolate condense milk and cocoa powder to the cup

Pour hot strawberry chocolate to the cup and garnish with dusting cocoa powder. Serve immediately.

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