I know that I have been making smoothies all the time and now I am trying to make soda based drink that could refresh my afternoon. It is rainy season here now in West Java, Indonesia but the sun still shine so bright in the afternoon (while in the evening it will rain so hard). That is why I am trying to find a guilty pleasure for my day.

Yesterday, I went to supermarket and started looking for fruits that I could use for my next recipe. Even though I want to make soda based drink, I still want to use fruit combination, keeping healthy side of the drink. Since Chinese New Year is around the corner, orange are being sold in the supermarket for cheap price. Discount are everywhere and you know that every home cook will not able to hold their self for that, so do I. Next thing that I knew, I found myself standing in the cashier, paying for almost 1/2 kg of discounted orange in my plastic bag. 

Orange is one of my favorite fruit because even tough it combined with any kind of drink, the freshness and unique taste of it will stay the same. In this recipes, I try to combine orange, milk, and soda. This recipes is actually inspired by one of Dominican’s favorite drink which called Morir Soñando, means “to die dreaming”. The basic recipes of this beverages is milk and orange juice but here I add cup of soda to make it a little bit fancy and it works so well. Several words to describe this drink; fresh, cool, sweet, sour, creamy, and sparkling. This is what dreams are made of!




Yield: 2 glass



2 orange (I use mandarin orange)

3 tbsp sweetened condense milk

1 cup soda water

1 tsp sugar

4 cubes of ice



Cut orange into two pieces in the middle and take the juice out. Mix in sugar and stir well. Set a side.

In glasses pour in sweetened condense milk, followed by ice cubes.

Add in orange juice and soda water. Garnish and serve immediately. 


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