Saveur Singapore
Duck confit with mashed potato, sautĂ©ed mushrooms, orange segment – $14.90

Saveur in French means flavor but in Singapore it is known as group who had established collection of restaurants specialized in French and European cuisine. Established in 2011, this fine dining restaurant has four branches through out Singapore, one of them located in Far East Plaza. During my visit to Singapore, my friend invited me to have a dine in this restaurant. Frankly to say, I’m in a mood of exploring Singaporean street food at that time but French cuisine? Who will reject that? At least, I won’t because I’m a fan of this food genre.

I reached this restaurant by walk from ION Mall pass through Orchard MRT and then take exit in A. The restaurant is not located inside the mall, so don’t walk into the mall, found it outside.

From the outside, Saveur looks like just an ordinary restaurant. You won’t know that they serve a fine dining menu by just walking by and take a glance on the restaurant banner. But after step inside, you will feel that classic French restaurant ambiance. The restaurant is small but it could accommodate more than 60 person inside. I’ve been to French before and I got this ambiance of small place, narrow table, and crowded situation.

Saveur Singapore

Price for foods in this restaurant is not very expensive as I though. Price is actually similar with fine dining restaurant in Surabaya. It costs around SGD$ 22.90 which is around IDR 229.000 per person for lunch set menu consist of three course including starter, main, and desserts. If you don’t wanna choose a set menu course, you could also have an ala carte menu which basically cost around SGD$ 11.90 – 24.90. Not expensive, isn’t it? Since it is Singapore and I ate fine dining with that kind of price, I could definitely said that this restaurant is affordable enough, especially for Indonesian travelers 🙂


This pasta is one of top recommendation starter at the restaurant. Cooked with chili oil and chopped kombu (kind of seaweed), Saveur’s pasta is served with pork sauce, sakura ebi, and herbs. Taste of the pasta basically remind me of aglio oilo, a little bit garlicky and spicy. However combination of sauce, kombu, ebi in angle hair make it special than just aglio olio. One portion of this pasta is not much because it is a starter, not main course.

Saveur Singapore
Angel hair cook with chilli oil and chopped kombu, serve with pork sauce and sakura ebi – $4.90


Here is my favourite menu after all! This dish is a must try! Saveur is well known for this duck menu anyway. Duck is cooked with confit method which is very French style. Meat are prepared with sous vide and then fry in very low heat. You won’t ask about taste, right? Because you must be know the answer. Meat are tender and crispy in the outside. The duck is served with sauteed mushrooms, orange segment, and mashed potatoes. You could request for additional truffle in your mashed potatoes by adding SGD$ 3.

Saveur Singapore
Duck confit with mashed potato, sautĂ©ed mushrooms, orange segment – $14.90

SEABASS – $16.90

In French, the best way to eat fish is by letting it to have its natural taste. No overpowering herbs, spices, or other thingy. And this is what being done by Saveur with their seabass. The taste is just totally a fish. It is served with pan seared potato which I found similar with baked potatoes in taste, crab meat, vichy carrot, and caper vinaigrette.

Saveur Singapore
Seabass with pan-seared potato, crab meat, vichy carrot, caper vinaigrette – $16.90


This is the best panna cotta I’ve ever had in a fine dine restaurant. Although how they serve the panna cotta is just by a glass, without a proper plating, garnish, or decoration stuff, this panna cotta is worth to choose. It is perfectly set. It’s not too sweet and very nutty. Using pistachio is just smart and adding more ground and caramelized pistachio on the top is making this glass of dessert taste amazing. 

Saveur Singapore
Pistachio cooked cream, ground and caramelized pistachio – $7.90

I never regret my decision to say YES for my friend’s invitation to this restaurant. Foods are worth to try with affordable price. My top recommendation for you who maybe want to try out this restaurant are absolutely their duck confit and pistachio panna cotta. Next trip, I wanna drop by at Saveur Art in ION Orchard to try more food artistic of this restaurant.





14 Scotts Road #01-07B, Far East Plaza

Singapore 228213

Operational days:


Operational hours:

11.30am 0 9.30pm


+65 6736 1121




Walk in or reservation:


Range of price:

 Set menu:

Three set course lunch menu SGD$ 22.90

Three set course dinner menu SGD$ 29.90

Ala Carte:

Starter SDG$ 2.50 – 10.90

Main Course SGD$ 11.90 – 24.90

Side dish SGD$ 3.00 – 5.00

Dessert SGD$ 7.90 – 12.90



Smoking Area:

No, outside only

EDC Machine:


Parking lot:

Mall parking 

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