“Do not judge by the cover”. Well said proverbs, because this was what I experienced in Rhadana Hotel Kuta Bali. At glance, Rhadana looked ordinary just like any other usual hotel but who knows you’ll found 70 different thematic rooms inside? I didn’t expected that until having two night stay-cation at this three star hotel and figured everything out.


Welcome home!

That was how the ambiance welcomed me. Rhadana has a combined lobby-restaurant with traditional homey-woody interior. Once you stepped inside, you’ll be welcomed by friendly staffs. I felt so Bali already when one of the lady with Balinese traditional clothes offered me a refreshing welcome drink. Not only the lady, all of the staffs at the hotel also wearing traditional.

The lobby wasn’t crowded, it was comfortable and quite with not many people coming and going. Perfect place if you’re coming for business. And what I like the most is they had sort of eye catching antiques within the racks and walls. Fascinatingly all of that antiques belongs the owner, precisely to say all of them are personal properties. People who don’t know might see it as usual decoration but I found the properties has unique connection that let me felt comfortable, just like home. Later I found, that antiques not only located at the lobby, it all around the hotel in all levels, even inside the room! 

rhadana hotel bali
Antique properties


Rhadana Hotel has total 70 different thematic room range from music, hobbies, destination, romantic, even university. The staffs gave me a small tour to their most popular rooms and that’s more than good idea to capture how that thematic works. The hotel has three degrees in choices of rooms, the smallest and cheapest one is business room, followed by the premium for medium, and then studio for the largest. I got to see the business and studio type.

Business Room

The room basically has a white-bright color, decorated with properties related to the theme. They has Bob Marley’s thematic room, with that typical of the legend color interior and decorated with BM’s REAL MUSIC COLLECTIONS (woha!)  including CD, cassette tape, and vinyl records. I heard that the owner loves Bob Marley and what they put on the wall are all his old collection through the years.

While another business room that memorable enough for me is the University of Indonesia’s thematic room. The University must be proud to have alumni who showed his dedication into a special hotel room like that. You’ll find not only pictures of university but also miniatures like the yellow almamater, club and major clothes, graduation dolls, and even vintage bicycle made by the owner who once a technic  major student.

In terms of facilities, the business room actually was quite small and tight, like a budget room. But it has refrigerator, water heater, complete toiletries, writing table, LCD TV with various channel, wifi, cupboard, safety box, complementary drinks, and a balcony.

rhadana hotel bali
Are you Bob Marley’s fan? If yes, you must be love this Bob Marley’s thematic room!
rhadana hotel bali
University of Indonesia thematic room. UI-ers have to visit this room πŸ™‚

Studio Room

Studio room is larger and similar with studio apartment room with rotatable LCD TV, refrigerator, safety box, complimentary drinks, water heater, writing table, a comfy bench, larger balcony, larger cupboard, and of course, larger themes.

I got to see these three amazing room with Sailing Theme, VW Combi Theme, and Bicycle Theme. If you ask me, which room was my favourite, I couldn’t say because I love it all. But hanging A REAL BICYCLE on top of the walls was a crazy idea and it was not a cheap bicycle either. So, that room was the most memorable one and they picked that room for me to stay!

Later I found, the bicycling shirts framed on the wall was the University of Indonesia bicycling costume. Maybe the owner loves to cycling. And what being printed on the wall was Tour de Singkarak bicycling event held in West Sumatra. 

rhadana hotel bali
Sailing Thematic Room
rhadana hotel bali
VW Combi Thematic Room
rhadana hotel bali
Bicycle Thematic Room


From the outside, Rhadana Hotel looks small but surprisingly the hotel packed with complete amenities  including gym, musholla, swimming pool, and reading area. 

Gym and musholla located at the highest level of the building, 5th floor. The gym has limited fitness equipment, so better to get hurry if you want to do some exercise in the morning. Right beside the gym, you’ll find musholla completed with prayer amenities such as Al-quran (in 3 different language; Indonesia, Arabic, and English), prayer mat, and clothes. Purifying area is couple steps away from the musholla. The availability of this musholla give so much respect for their Muslim guests.

rhadana hotel bali
Gym area
rhadana hotel bali

I love that they have this reading area, which isn’t available in other hotel at Kuta. The reading area completed with books in many genres. Most of them are old novels in English. There also have up to date magazines and newspaper. You could find this area right after lobby, in front of the lift. Besides, they have simple living room in each floor. 

rhadana hotel bali
Reading area

Most stunning facilities is the swimming pool, located at the first floor, at the backside of the building. Just go straight through the door from lobby and you’ll find this beautiful pool. The pool get much sun shine in the afternoon while it looked super romantic at night with underwater lamps and wall fountain.

rhadana hotel bali
Swimming Pool
rhadana hotel bali
Swimming Pool


Cafe de Dapoer is the only restaurant that the hotel has. It located in the lobby area, served for breakfast, all day dining, and room service. Concept of the cafe was similar with Dapoer, slang language for Dapur which means kitchen in Indonesia. It really resembled a traditional kitchen with woody furniture and vintage decoration. In the wall and racks, you’ll find all antiques and traditional tools, like kitchen utensils, spices racks, and tableware.

What should be highlighted is, the restaurant served only HALAL FOODS including NO ALCOHOL and LIQUOR. This also means that the guests are not allowed to bring and drink alcohols in the area. I respected this regulation since it’s a bit hard to find hotel with strict regulations in terms of food and beverages, especially in Kuta. And the braveness of Rhadana to implement this regulation is not old-fashioned way, it give relief for so some family and Muslim who want to stay at halal hotel. This bring Rhadana to achieve Best National Muslim Friendly Hotel in National Halal Tourism Competition 2016 recently.

rhadana hotel bali
Cafe de Dapoer
rhadana hotel bali
Dining area

Breakfast at the hotel started at 06.00 – 10.00, with highest peak at around 08.00 – 09.00. Although the menu was simple, it has choices of English and Indonesian breakfast. What I like the most during the breakfast was their cleanliness and super attentive staffs who ready to assist you in every time you need them. I met super humble and friendly Chef Philipus at the restaurant and he help me to take everything in the buffet breakfast just for the photo taking. So simply you can take a look at the photos to see their breakfast menu.

rhadana hotel bali
English Breakfast: Toast, Croissant, Sunny side up, fruits, milk, juice, hot tea
rhadana hotel bali
Indonesian breakfast: Fried noodle, fried rice, chicken curry, hot coffee

After breakfast, Cafe de Dapoer served all day dine in from 10.00 until late night at 23.00. There are many choices of menu but the price is slightly high with its 21% taxes. The cafe comes up with Indonesian and Western menu. What I love the most from my dining experience is their Bitterballen, superbeb with nice plating and taste. For main course, their favourite Indonesian menu that mostly picked by the guests are Oxtail Soup and Ayam Goreng Mamie. Both also come with beautiful presentation, especially the oxtail soup. It was served in a clay bowl over a traditional clay heater. Taste was quite delicious but I personally think they are bit over in price (well, it’s Kuta so I’m not surprised).

rhadana hotel bali
Bitterballen – IDR 40.000
rhadana hotel bali
Ayam Goreng Mamie – IDR 75.000
rhadana hotel bali
Oxtail Soup – IDR 99.000

Aside from the course, Cafe de Dapoer also has healthy choice of drinks and desserts. You can have fresh juice (not the artificial one) and traditional Indonesian dessert like Dadar Gulung to bring up your noon.

rhadana hotel bali
Fresh juice: Watermelon Juice and Mixed Juice (Melon, Papaya, Pineapple) – IDR 30.000
rhadana hotel bali
Dadar Gulung – IDR 35.000

If you are too lazy to go outside, you could have your meal at the room as well. Rhadana has room service dining and it’s available until early morning (supper) at 03.00. The menu was a bit less compare to what you’ll find at Cafe de Dapoer. They served choices of pasta, pizza, sandwiches, soup, and Indonesian dishes such as; fried noodle, fried rice, and soto ayam. 

rhadana hotel bali
Nasi Goreng Kampung (Fried Rice) – IDR 75.000
rhadana hotel bali
Club Sandwiches – IDR 55.000


Rhadana Hotel Bali located at Jalan Raya Kuta, the big road at Kuta area. There is a Q-Mart and 24 hours M-Mart convenient store right across the hotel. BCA bank and Wahana Money Changer are also available right beside, so you don’t have to worry for buying some daily stuffs, getting or exchanging some money. If you craving for some bakery and sweets, well-known local bakery Purimas is located beside the bank, just 2 minutes walk from the hotel. For foods choices, Rhadana is surrounded by many of warung (small traditional restaurant). My recommendations are the famous Ayam Betutu Gilimanuk (around 800 meters, 10 – 15 minutes walking), Tien Tien Hau (for non moslem, around 300 meters, 3-5 minutes walking), and Soup Kepala Ikan Mr. Dwi (around 200 meters, 2-4 minutes walking).

The things is, famous Kuta beach, Segara beach, and Legian are around 2 kilometers away, 25-30 minutes by walking. If you don’t love to walk, better to grab taxi or other transportation, you’ll arrive in only 10 minutes. The staffs at reception are more than happy to assist you.


So, What do I think?

First, I was impressed this hotel for its services and friendly staffs. From the security, receptions, and chef all of them always gave me a bright smile during my stay. They do give birthday surprises for guests and willing to helpfor their needs. Second, this hotel was so damn clean. Nothing more to say about it. Third, the thematic rooms were amazing. I have to say the owner really turned this hotel into his second home. He put everything he loves and concerned in details. And at last, my personal input was for its food. I believe they can have better taste than yesterday πŸ™‚


Jl. Raya Kuta No.88, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali

Star: ***

Phone: (0361) 755264

Website: Click here

Instagram: @rhadana_kuta, @cafededapoer_kuta

Facebook: The Rhadana Kuta, Bali

Email: info-rkb@rhadana.com

Tripadvisor: Rhadana Hotel


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