buffet buka puasa surabaya 2016

In my previous post, I’ve been mentioning about affordable choices of breakfasting buffet that you could have in the town. Now, I am going to share one of them so I have a prove that I didn’t lie! Here it is another recommendation for you budget seekers, to have all you can eat buffet during this Ramadhan month that truly FIT your pocket. I see you are smiling. Keep reading ๐Ÿ™‚

La Table restaurant is a three star hotel restaurant located at the first floor of Ibis Rajawali Hotel Surabaya. The restaurant ambiance is a little bit old (perhaps because the hotel building is an old renovated building), with minimalist and stylish style. The restaurant is not that big but could accommodate more than 200 people inside.

buffet buka puasa surabaya 2016

buffet buka puasa surabaya 2016

buffet buka puasa surabaya 2016

Welcoming breakfasting month, La Table offer a special all you can eat breakfasting Ramadhan buffet that you could enjoy everyday until 5th July 2016. Known as KEMBUL RAMADHAN, this buffet offer more than 50 choices of menu from fritters, main courses, soup, until salad, sweets, and dessert. Price is also totally cheap, only IDR 69.000 nett per person. Moreover, you could get way more cheaper price by buying the buffet voucher at DealJava (just click to see the offer). It will cost you only IDR 49.000 nett per person. This price is the lowest price that I find during the whole review for Ramadhan breakfasting buffet in the town.

buffet buka puasa surabaya 2016
They will hit this Bedug to start the breakfasting!

Breakfasting menu at La Table restaurant is mostly local Indonesian foods. Main courses including Nasi Gudeg that popularly known as the authentic food from Central Java, fried noodle, and opor ayam. For sweets and savory you could have rujak buah and asinan Jakarta. Besides, you could also enjoy bubur kacang hijau completed with mutiara and coconut milk, many varieties of traditional fritters and cakes.

buffet buka puasa surabaya 2016
One of Indonesian favourite fritters, Fried Stuffed Tofu 
buffet buka puasa surabaya 2016
Nasi Gudeg completed with other condiments
buffet buka puasa surabaya 2016
Rujak Buah
buffet buka puasa surabaya 2016
Fried Noodle with Acar and Opor Ayam
buffet buka puasa surabaya 2016
Bubur Kacang Hijau completed with Mutiara and Coconut Milk

La Table’s breakfasting buffet is started from 17.00 – 19.30, everyday during the fasting month. I suggest you to have a reservation couple days before because they received hundred of visitors per day. The situation at the restaurant is also quite crowded. If you are planning to have more private and longer breakfasting, you could request to have their private room with minimum order for 30 persons and pay for IDR 75.000nett per person. Reservation could be done by calling 031-3539994.



Jalan Rajawali No. 9-11, Surabaya, Jawa Timur


(031) 3539994

Buffet Breakfasting time:

6th June – 5th July 2016, 17.00-19.30






Ibis Surabaya Rajawali


IDR 69.000 nett/person

Promotion from Dealjava IDR 49.000 nett/person

Private buffet at meeting room with min. 30 pax IDR 75.000 nett/person

Private buffet at meeting room with min. 30 pax and Ustadz IDR 95.000 nett/person



Smoking room:


Parking lot:

Hotel parking lot


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