Tea is one of our basic drink where we can found it everywhere, every time, in every meal we eat. We can enjoy tea either hot or cold. My favorite is iced tea because it is refreshing, suitable with tropical country like Indonesia. I’ve been growing up by only knowing how to make ice tea with white sugar (and sometimes sweetened condense milk) until one night I saw a video in youtube that showed how to make ice milk tea in three layers by adding additional combination that I have never expected; palm sugar.

I started to imagine how exotic will the tea taste since it will have coconut taste (maybe) because basically I know that palm sugar are made from coconut. Then, after keeping that recipes on my mind for a very long time, finally I have a chance to make this palm sugar iced milk tea in my kitchen and taste it. However, because I don’t really like much sugar on my tea, I only use small amount of this sugar which then make the last layer of the tea (the dark brown layer) not really clear. But that’s okay, the first and second layer are clear though. How about the taste? Just one word to describe it, REFRESHING! I really recommend this palm sugar iced milk tea for you to make at home especially if you are tea lovers. It could be a good companion for you in the afternoon or for your tea time. If you want to make the layer looked well in your glass, you can add more palm sugar in the recipes. Enjoy!


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