I’ve never been to a Spanish restaurant before and it seemed to be a good experience when a mail dropped by my box, offering me to do a review of one in Bali. It was Miura Pintxos Bar and Grill Bali, a Spanish inspired restaurant located at legendary Dhayana Pura street, Seminyak. Named after Don Eduardo Miura, a well known bull breeder in Spain — the restaurant wished to resemble his dedication in breeding the fiercest fighting bulls to their kitchen.

Miura Pintxos Bar and Grill Bali Review
Outdoor area
4 Different Spot with 4 Different AMBIANCE

Miura has several different spot where people could choose their best seat and favourite ambiance to enjoy their-selves. Entering the place, you’ll be welcomed with an outdoor area facing to the hustle bustle of Seminyak, best place for those socialite. Couple steps up to small stairs, a semi indoor room with a bar and open kitchen available for you who wish for homey ambiance. On the right side, there was a wooden wall room with marble table, suitable for those who enjoy minimalist. And at the back side, a round wooden table with an oval greeny wall looked way more private in nature, become my favourite spot overall.

Miura Pintxos and Grill Bali Review
Indoor area
Miura Pintxos and Grill Bali Review
Indoor area – at the right side
Miura Pintxos and Grill Bali Review
Indoor area – at the back side
FOODS: From Small Bites to Big One

Miura Pintxos Bar and Grill specialized it’s menu in Spanish, offering small bites from Pintxos to Grills. Other than Spanish, they also provide Asian choices dominated with Indonesian such as Beef Rendang, Nasi Goreng Makasar, and Gado-Gado. With an open kitchen concept, you could see clearly how they produce your foods from starch to the plate. Sneak peak for the menu? Peek it here

Pintxos – IDR 25.000/each

I have no idea what Pintxos before until these four pieces of bread come to my table. They were beautifully platted and looked so appetizing. Pintxos is a typical snacks usually serve in the bars of San Sebastian, Bilbao and other legendary Basque festive cities. This Spanish style tapas is one of signature favourite menu at Miura. You are able to choose which and how much pintxos you want to have since you’ll be charged for each. 

Miura Pintxos and Grill Bali

My favourite was Red Fish — a piece of bread topped with tuna mayo, sambal and chunky olives. Touch of spicy, sour, and salty on the topping tasted so perfect with the crispy bread. Other good option is Jamon Jamon — a slice of ham jamon iberico with quail egg, paprika, and aioli. Crispy bread with runny egg will always good, isn’t it?

Miura Pintxos and Grill Bali
Red Fish – IDR 25.000

Crunchy Calamari – IDR 60.000

Calamari sounds very usual. I agree with that. But Miura’s calamari has a unique point that make it memorable in some ways, make me wanna try it my own in the kitchen! Combining kerupuk (Indonesian traditional crackers) on the crumbs indeed a great idea that I never think of to make the texture crispier, even last for hours. This tapas accompanied by chili aioli —  nice soulmates for a crunch.

Miura Pintxos and Grill Bali
Crunchy Calamari – IDR 60.000

Yellow Fin Tuna – IDR 110.000

Have you heard about Josper Grill before? It’s a typical of smart oven, combining grill and oven in one machine. This oven-grill could reach 500 Fahrenheit degrees and works like magic, ensuring all the things throw up inside cook perfectly with its natural moisture and flavor. And good news is, Miura has this Josper!  

Yellow Fin Tuna is one of their special menu from Josper. It was perfectly cooked in medium rare, with fresh reddish color inside. Pesto sauce was delicious and good in texture. Additional grilled truffle leek gave a nice aromatic touch and that-crunch-sound in the mouth. This smoky, salty, and sweet flavor then completed with sour from lemon walnut dressing. I totally fall for this dish. 

Miura Pintxos and Grill Bali
Yellow Fin Tuna – IDR 110.000

Drunken Spanish Chicken – IDR 110.000

This chicken is the sexiest chicken I’ve ever seen. It was glossy, brownie, and smells so tasty to make you droll. Named by ‘drunken’ because the chicken marinated over night with beer, long enough to make it drunk in taste after roasted in Josper. It was perfectly cook, so tender and juicy. Under the chicken, you’ll find slices of roasted citrus potatoes as the staple. This dish is the most authentic one over all. 

Miura Pintxos and Grill Bali
Drunken Spanish Chicken – IDR 110.000

Pandan Creme Brulee – IDR 50.000

Miura’s creme brulee was a bit different because since it has no burnt caramel on the surface. Instead you’ll have a beautiful spun caramel like an angel hair on the top. It was nice in presentation but taste just like creme caramel, with more soft texture.

Miura Pintxos and Grill Bali

Choices of Sangria – IDR 65.000 – 98.000

Not only specialized in Spanish food, Miura also has choices of Spanish beverages. From the bar, you could have either a red or white wine based Sangria. I had this beautiful Tinto Sangria — a red wine based punch with chopped fruits, brandy, and orange liqueur. It smells good in cinnamon, taste so refreshing yet fruit-full with a long sweet in after taste. Other than Sangria, they also have spirit, whiskey, and cocktails.

Miura Pintxos and Grill Bali

It was my short visit to Miura that afternoon so I didn’t get to feel the night ambiance. It must be alive since they have live music at night started from 07.00pm to 10.00pm. You can peek in their instagram @miurabali to see the schedule of the music performance. 

Overall, I enjoyed my dine in Miura, especially their stunning food from Josper Grill. Their Sangria also very refreshing, make me wanna have a next visit to grab other glasses. Price is competitive but high taxes make it slightly high. If you come, make sure you order this 3 items, Yellow Fin Tuna, Drunken Chicken, and Tinto Sangria. You’ll not get disappointed!  


Jalan Camplung Tanduk no. 99, Dhyana Pura, Seminyak, Bali 80361

(0361) 3000597

Operational time: Mon-Thu 08.00am to 10.00pm, Fri-Sun 08.00 to 12.00pm

IG: @miurabali

FB: MIURA – Pintxos Bar & Grill

Website: www.miurabali.com

Tripadvisor: MIURA – Pintxos Bar & Grill

Menu: Click here

Tax: 10% government tax, 7% service tax

Wifi: Yes

Smoking room: Yes

Music: Acoustic, Latino

Parking lot: Limited

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