Eating out is always on my mind. Everywhere I am, food is always be number one. I remember my first time arrived in Ubud, my checklist was to find a restaurant with rice-field view to dine with. For me it’s simple, the place doesn’t have to be hype nor popular, taste always be number one. But this time, I want it so bad to have a dine accompanied with rice paddies. It’s like an eating-life-goals that should be achieved at least once in a life. I finally ended with a choice of restarant in my tripadvisor and guess what? I went there and they didn’t have the ‘real’ rice-field as what imagining of. I mean, they did plant it but it’s for decoration purposes only. Too bad.

But guys, I have a good news for you. If you have the same goal like I do, I finally have one great place that qualify it all! From the taste, from the view, this is what I’m looking for in Ubud. Doesn’t it sound awesome?

desa visesa ubud bali

desa visesa ubud bali

Okay so this place called, Lesung Restaurant, it is a part of Desa Visesa a cultural destination located at North of Ubud. Owned by The Royal Ubud Family, this village was well-maintained and far from the hustle bustle. I dropped of to Lesung Restaurant for a lunch between my packed schedule of daily activities at the village.  Read more my experience as villager at Desa Visesa in my previous blog post.

Rolling as the main restaurant of the resort, Lesung also open daily for walk-in guests who would like to experience a nature style of culinary. The best thing I had in this restaurant was, a picnic! Instead of sitting on the chair like any other common, I could sit at the edge of rice-field, enjoying the green view and fresh air. What I could hear was the sound of wind blowing through the paddies, very relaxing.

desa visesa ubud bali

My enjoyment of this place goes way beyond when I found a traditional delight on their menu list. However, as a part of resort’s restaurant, they also serve international menu choices such as steak and sandwiches. I ended with mostly Indonesian food based on the recommendation from the chef. Not to wait for long, plates of appetizing food served and here what I had.

Opening up my dine, I took my fork to Chili Herb Octopus — grilled octopus in chili flakes, served with tamarind sauce, and salad. The colour and looks of the dish might not resembled an octopus but the taste was something I couldn’t complain. It was well marinated and cooked to perfection. The hero was the sauce, it looked like overwhelmed but it turned out enhancing the umami taste of octopus, made it even more tastier!

desa visesa ubud bali
Chili Herb Octopus – Grilled Octopus in chili flakes, extra virgin olive oil, herbs salad

desa visesa ubud bali

The second appetizer that took my heart at the first bite was Signature “Lesung” salad. The idea of using jicama other than fresh mango as the main ingredients was briliant, I could say. Thai chili dressing was sweet, not to spicy, and refreshing. What I like the most about this salad is definitely the seafood. Lesung’s Chef know really well how to cook seafood in a right way, none of them are over or less cooked.
desa visesa ubud bali

desa visesa ubud bali
Signature “Lesung” — Char grill prawn, squid, fresh mango, jicama, onion, scallion, red pepper, cherry tomato, Thai chili sauce

desa visesa ubud bali

Nasi Goreng Kampung might sounds common but you’ve to taste it by yourself to define Lesung’s version is common or exceptional. Fact, one portion of fried rice has taken out 50% space of my tummy. It has a big portion and completed with not only pickle and sambal, but also skewers, fried shrimp, and traditional style of Indonesian fried chicken.

desa visesa ubud bali
Nasi Goreng Kampung — fried rice, chicken skewers, sate lilit, traditional fried chicken, fried noodle, pickles, and sambal

The only international dishes I ordered during the dine was one of main course, Beef Tenderloin Rossini. Cutting in, beautiful red center appeared nicely. Medium rare is how I like my steak done and they did it just right. Instead of potato pie, I prefer mash potatoes to be the staple accompanied the steak, but then it’s based on people’s preferences 🙂

desa visesa ubud bali
Beef tenderloin rossini — Grilled beef tenderloin, potato pie, asparagus, caramelized mushroom and shallot jus

A goodly refreshing dessert was all you wished for after the whole heavy meal and I met this Chocolate Hazelnut remarking my last plate at Lesung. Chocolate cake, hazelnut, and slices of fresh fruit was a serious killer, left me addicted til I ended with a clean plates.

desa visesa ubud bali
Chocolate Hazelnut — Milk chocolate cake, hazelnut paste, vanilla ice cream, pineapple cinammon, salsa, raspberry sauce

desa visesa ubud bali

The whole course I had at Lesung Restaurant was delightful and worth to walk back. The green view and relaxing sound of wind blowing through the paddies left a memorable companion of my dining experience. I was lucky to find this place during my Ubud exploration and it’s your turn to check it out! 🙂








Desa Visesa Ubud

Jl. Suweta, Banjar Bentuyung Sakti

Ubud – Gianjar 80571

Bali – Indonesia

+62 361 2091788

Opening Hours. 07:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Food: Indonesian, Asian, International


Facebook: Desa Visesa Ubud

Instagram: @desavisesa



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