lantern bali

Who don’t like Asian street foods? 

Yes, it is oily and spicy. Some of them aren’t that health to consume 7 times in a week but nothing can compete them for their richness in spices, strong, tangy, and garlicky flavors — to sum up paradise in the mouth. I have to admit that they are the greatest street food ever!

If you are in Bali, and into these Asian’s or would like to give a hit on try some, you are in the right page to read this article because what I’m going to tell you is one of Asian restaurant that pulling up Asian street food into their table. Keep reading!

lantern bali

“Lantern Bali : Traditional X Modern”

Lantern Bali is one of trio-restaurant running under Eat Company Bali. Other two restaurants are Bo & Bun and Bowl Mama, located not far away within Kuta district. This food company founded by Ines Putri Tjiptadi, Balinese beauty queen who formerly crowned as Miss Indonesia 2012.

The restaurant is located in the hustle bustle of Jln. Petitenget, right across Swiss-Bel Hotel. You’ll easily notice the restaurant since it’s so chic with yellowish interior from the outside. The place is no way big but it is nicely decorated in traditional-minimalist style. Throwing back where I belong, I could feel the vibes of entering Asian Street Food in my hometown when stepped in the restaurant, but here in more modern way.

Instead of using red lantern, Lantern Bali used yellow ones with oval shape — I guess it is typical of Vietnamese’s and being use to build a general perspective of Asian foods. Indeed, the restaurant served various kind of Asian street food with focus on South Eastern such as Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand.

lantern bali

lantern bali


Although Lantern Bali modernized in looks, but it keeps the essential part which always be loved —the authenticity. This is why people are keep coming back to find the delish-hearty food to this urban Asian restaurant. I have my short visitation in the noon and found that the small restaurant was that crowded to make me wait for taking a good interior pictures for this review. Thus, you might be wanna have a reservation first before coming in groups in dining hours.

Jumping to the food, Lantern’s menu vary from bits to share, braises, rice and noodles, buns, salad, to the grills. Choices is not that much like you wish for but remembering it’s a small restaurant the varieties already good enough for your lunch and dinner choices. You can peek their menu here.

“Love to the last bite”

Coming first to the table was Sate Babi or pork skewered. Although Indonesian is quite well known for its satay but this dish was not Indonesian, it’s Vietnamese. Why? Obviously because SALT and CHILI, the most commonly used ingredients for street food in Vietnam. Especially in Saigon, Vietnamese hardly use chili in cooking. Combining salt to the dish somehow adding special flavor that make it more delicious. Interesting, right?

Back to Lantern’s pork satay, it was well marinated, tender, smoky, sweet, and not spicy. I prefer to eat it with chili and salt, just like how it supposed to eat or it will tasteless. One portion of this Sate Babi come up with 5 skewered which was enough to share for 1-2 person only.

lantern bali
Sate Babi – IDR 55.000

Other appetizer that I got was Crispy Pork Belly Bites. The pork belly marinated in 18 hours and then deep fried until crispy. I really like how the thick-sweet-sour tamarind sauce accompanied the pork, they’re just meant to be together. Mint, chili, crushed nuts and sprout just gave another hits to the bites. However, it come up only one small plate portion, enough for 1-2 person.

lantern bali
Crispy Pork Belly Bites – IDR 65.000

From Vietnam to Malaysia,their greatest Peranakan food, Nyonya Laksa, is the best pick for you. The soup was thick, coconuty, savory, and tasteful. The freshness of seafood stock touch me well and it was not spicy at all. They gave separated sambal for spicy lovers so people can adjust their preferable level of spiciness. The egg noddle and soup was completed with bean sprout, tofu, tiger prawn, squid, sliced chili, boiled egg, fish cakes, sliced onion, and fresh coriander.

lantern bali
Nyonya Laksa – IDR 65.000

If you are more into tangy based soup, Penang Chicken Curry is just right for you. They’re so all out in using herbs and spices, lead on very rich and delicious curry. The saltiness and spiciness were all balance. The curry was accompanied by canai — typically Indian flat bread. The canai was very crispy. It was best to dip inside the curry before eating unless it will be bit hard to chew,

lantern bali
Penang Chicken Curry – IDR 75.000

Moving from dishes to beverages, Lantern Bali provided quite many selection of drinks such as coffee, tea, wine, sodas, beer & ciders, juices, smoothies, and floats. One of must-to-drink is their selection of dream pops, a piece of popsicle with their adjustable companion drinks. I tried the cranberry ones and it come up with soda and lime. Memorable one to try since it was taking me back to my childhood memories, eating ice cream pops on hot sunny day.

They also have their signature selections, named one of them is Sakura. From the looks, you’ll think they named the drink as Sakura because of the color but not so. You’ll surprised that they used black tea (one of famous tea in Japan) to combine with strawberry, lime, and raspberry sorbet  creating very refreshing combination for all.

lantern bali

After having much spices, I closed my meal with Vietnamese Coffee Affoggato — three scoops Vanilla ice cream served with strong Vietnamese coffee and sweetened condense milk. Combining all together, creamy-sweet-bitter-cool become one match, It is good enough to neutralized all of the strong flavor in my mouth.  It was simple dessert but nice one to refresh your hot-sunny day in Bali.

lantern bali
Vietnamese Coffee Affogatto – IDR 55.000
“What Next?”

I stalked into their instagram and just noticed that they also have Indian menu selections but to full to try some at once. The Sindhi Briyani consist of chicken curry, basmati rice, raisins, cashew, and yogurt looked really good in the picture! I also read that their Chicken Pandan and Tom yum Goong were so popular and become a talked. Definitely have to comeback for another delicious street food bites!



Jl. Petitenget No.17, Kerobokan, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

Operational time:

Everyday, 10.00-11.30

Phone number:

(0361) 733192




Lantern Bali



10% government tax, 5.5% service tax



Smoking room:

Yes, out door area 

Parking lot:

No parking lot in front of the restaurant, car can be parked in Fave Hotel near the restaurant, not sure for motorcycle

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