Garlic is one of essential spices that being used almost in every cuisine from different part of the world; from French, Italian, Middle Eastern, and even Asian. In Indonesia, garlic is heavily use almost in every authentic dishes. It is a very based spices that become a must in the kitchen used for sauteing, stir fry, soups, braised, and anything. Its strong and special aroma works so well with Indonesian cuisine, adding a flavor that combined well with other typical Indonesian spices such as shallot, turmerics, and ginger.

Raw garlic has a very strong and pungent smell. I personally feel fine with that aroma however not everyone like that smell. I usually peeled bunch of garlic to be stored in my refrigerator, so I don’t have to be in rush for peeling some when about to cook. I have to admit that the aroma of garlic could permeates the air and clings to you when you handle them, especially in big amount. This is why people want to get the task of peeling and chopping the garlic done in a quick way that minimize the smell clinging on the body.

The regular method of peeling garlic is done by using a sharp knife, however it is very painstaking when you have to peel bunch amount at once. You have to take the skin off each clove of garlic while suffocate under the pungent and torrid smell. If you ever experienced that, now you could keep your knife and save your time because there are other simpler ways to do this where  you can get whole garlic peeled as quickly as possible, most times in less than 10 seconds. 

Soak in Water

This is the most efficient way that I found and usually use in the kitchen. All you need to do is to separate the whole garlic into cloves, drop it into a bowl of water, and let it soak for 5-10 minutes while you could do anything else you want to. Soaking the garlic will loosen the skin and making it easy to come off. After soaking it for a while, you could easily separate the skin from the cloves. Alternatively, you could beat lightly the water for a minutes by using whisk to get the skin completely off.

Microwave the Garlic

I use this method if I want to use that garlic directly for cooking because by putting it in a microwave, it actually could cook the garlic. The method is so simple. You just need to place the whole garlic in a microwave with a low heat and let it sit for a few seconds. The skin will turn brown and then loosen. It will easily separate from the flesh when you stroke between your fingers.

Using a Kitchen Mallet

I rarely do this for honest. But this is the quick way to peel garlic in a small amount and of course if you want to cook with a crushed or chopped garlic for your dish. Well, you just need to place whole garlic on a smooth surface, preferably your table top and cover with a kitchen napkin. Use a mallet to pound at it a few times gently to loosen the skin. Once done, remove the cloth and then stroke the garlic between your fingers to get the skins off completely.


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