Best people live in Ubud, proverbs said. And it might be goes the same for food. Ubud is known as best place to find peace and enhance spiritual devotion. For me, it always be the best place to find what being called as conscious food. From comfort food to fine dine,  all made based on a rule to feed up the soul — perched high up on deliciousness and healthiness. Thus, leaving Ubud never be complete without having a proper meal says super vegetarian bowl or organic raw food plates. 

Kismet Restaurant and Lounge is one of those venerable restaurant player in the town, a project between two talented soul Chloe Carter and Mykah Sterling who destined to travel Ubud and meet one another. The name of the restaurant show it all, meaning unavoidable destiny or fate. Building dreams with pinch of belief and dust of hope, the spirited couple use their expertise in design and entrepreneur, turned an unknowable corner into something inconspicuous to put the eyes on.

The small but notable restaurant lies at the corner of Jalan South Goutama, not in the hustle bustle thus creating a relaxing vibes to make people comfortably eat, sit, and chill. The over all interior designed in simple industrial tone, dominated with minimalist black, white, and woody brown but still influenced by local sensibility. While the first floor built in more casual ambiance suits for working space and gathering up with company, the second floor which titled as lounge set up in fine tables, dedicated for those who want to have a serious dine.

Kismet Restaurant and Lounge Ubud

Kismet Restaurant and Lounge Ubud

Kismet Restaurant and Lounge Ubud

Kismet Restaurant and Lounge Ubud

Kismet Restaurant and Lounge Ubud

Kismet Restaurant and Lounge Ubud The restaurant built up with detail attention to serve the customer with best experiences in whatever the occasions. Let’s say, the community sofas in the first floor — has become favourite spot for a troupe who want to have fun with their kismet friends. Another creative sight is the red lamps hanging above every table on the main dining area — an effective shortcut to call waiter without having to wave or shout. Free flow water, glass of welcoming drink, high speed wifi, friendly staff, and attentive services work as additional spices that make Kismet so much loved.

From a small kitchen to table, the restaurant aim to serve hearty food with everlasting taste to be remembered. The kitchen rules are simple — vegetarian is a must, taste have to be vibrant, refined style is allowed, and high quality ingredients is needed.  Embed a global way to celebrate the dining, Kismet Restaurant and Lounge  has a unique menu fly across countries. Handed in the book, Lasagna and Pappardelle from Italia were not only two of Kismet top dishes, it then followed by Thailand Phad Thai, Indian Tikka Massala, and Canadian Poutine. The eclectic food are basically comfort ones but re-invented in Kismet touch. The idea derived from the mix cultures of the founders and taste of nostalgic food that they never get to find in Bali. Kismet Restaurant and Lounge Ubud Started with Asian wave, I found my plates filled up with fresh greens of Broccoli and Green Beans. The greenly color clearly stated that the veges was cooked into perfection — buttery and crunchy was something predictable. Regular rave that always be loved hit on Big Salad Bowl with choices of Classic, Asian, or Dragon twist and additional two or five skewers companion. I got an Asian version bowlblend of of 35% Korean, 35% Japan, 20% Indonesian, and 10% Kismet. It has mix of fresh veggies, kimchi, pickled ginger, seaweed, sesame seed, avocado, and complete vegan skewers. Peanut and ginger wasabi dressing also being present to revved up the flavor.

Kismet Restaurant and Lounge Ubud
Broccoli and Green Bean – IDR 50.000
Kismet Restaurant and Lounge Ubud
Asian Bowls with complete skewers – IDR 85.000

Departed to Italia, Polenta Lasagna was one worth to walk back. This Italian inspired dish used pan-fried polenta instead of usual pasta dough, creating that ‘crack’ sound when bitten. The lovely texture also assembly with eggplant and zucchini while buffalo mozzarella and pesto sauce double up the layer, enriched the taste side by side. Lasagna then presented with slightly tangy marinara sauce but still balance the over all taste.

Kismet Restaurant and Lounge Ubud

Kismet Restaurant and Lounge Ubud
Polenta Lasagna – IDR 80.000

Cheese, wine, and friends. Must be old to be good. Bringing up the dine to another level, Kismet heated up with classic French tradition of cheese and wine pairing. Kismet Cheese Board was a large plate for sharing– consist of imported cheese, spicy cashews, toasted crostini, balsamic reduction, mixed olives, tamarind jelly, slice apple and pear. The wine list is limited but never misdoubt the elegance, such as Astrolabe Sauvignon Blanc 2016 from New Zealand.

Kismet Restaurant and Lounge Ubud
Kismet cheese board and wine- IDR 125.00

Dessert innovation has overwhelmed the new look of Kismet sweets, giving much choices for sweet tooth.  Able to choose favourite dessert at the display freezer, Chocolate Royal Dome was simply attract my attention at the first sight. The newly comer definitely won in terms of presentation compare to others. It’s tempting chocolate glaze was a prove of visual delicacy but wasn’t able to dig in and see what’s inside left the real taste questionable.

Kismet Restaurant and Lounge Ubud

Kismet Restaurant and Lounge Ubud
Chocolate Royal Dome


What Chloe and Mykah put on the line was not only business, but also passion and love. Kismet Restaurant and Lounge is a prove that different path could unavoidable meet in a point, called destiny. Embrace the unique flavor across the globe, the restaurant is where to go for spending time with your kismet or even meet your kismet, either friends, family, or couple.   they believe different path could once meet in destiny.

Hm, what if this month I meet my kismet?

Don’t know but for sure I found hearty food that made my heart beating 💗





#27X Jl South Goutama, Ubud, Gianyar, Indonesia 80571

Operational time: Breakfast 10.00-12.00, all day dining 12.00-22.45, until 23.30 available only drink and dessert


FB: Kismet Restaurant & Lounge


Tripadvisor: Kismet Restaurant & Lounge

Cuisine: Italian, Japanese, Thailand, Canadian, French

Wifi: Yes

Smoking room: Yes

Live Music: No

Parking lot: Yes for motorbike, by appointment only for car

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