When people ask me, which cuisine I like the most, the answer will be that cuisine that not only taste good but have tons of story to tell. Beautiful presentation and photogenic are the plus but food with good philosophy from the creator are those who make food writer (like me) feel so excited to type each word on the articles. Dramatically, it can be said that we are looking for food that have soul. And I’m going to share some of those foods in this article. Keep reading.

“A hidden glass houses restaurant located in the corner of Seminyak district”

Following my journey in Bali, I visited one of hidden glass houses restaurant located in Jln. Drupadi No. 22. Kilo Kitchen as how it is named, found to be very strategic in Seminyak district but located bit in the corner of the street. That is why I called it ‘hidden’ because it is quite away from hustle bustle. The restaurant has a modern minimalist architecture with down to earth concept. It has glasses wall covering all of the places, woody touch on the interior, and greeny front yard landscape.

kilo kitchen bali

kilo kitchen bali

kilo kitchen bali

“Kilo: We wish to communicate with you”

Kilo Kitchen Bali is part of Kilo Kitchen outlet originally founded in Singapore. At first, I thought that Kilo refers to something like distance but later I found that it is one of flag that being used in international maritime to communicate between ships. Kilo is the phonetic name for a half blue and half yellow flag, meaning ‘we wish to communicate with you’. Using this name, Kilo not only wish to communicate with its customer by it’s hearty food but also by it’s homey interior.

kilo kitchen bali

“Chopsticks on the table. DEFINITELY sign of Asian cuisine”

When I stepped into the restaurant and saw chopsticks on it’s table set, my food instinct automatically said that the lunch was going to be interesting. Asian Cuisine would be served on the table, that’s for sure. But I still didn’t know which cuisine would be their specialties. Actually, I was bit surprised that they didn’t do western food while the place was typically one of those. Handed out the menu, I found that they have vary Asian foods with some influence from Latin America, some from French, Spain and Italy. They served Asian Fusion Food dominated by Japanese but you could find Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, and Vietnam cuisine as well.

kilo kitchen bali


Kilo Bali provides different menu for lunch and dinner service. The lunch started at 12.00 – 15.00 with variants of of mixed bowl, salads , and sandwiches. While dinner started at 18.00 – 23.00, providing more dining choices from greens, grills, pasta,  seafood, and others. I had five plates accompanying me on the table, including appetizers, main courses, and dessert. Let’s take bit closer for each of the plates, shall we?

Wasabi Tuna Tartare – IDR 100.000

Tuna Tartare is every where to find in the town but how if the tartare was mixed with Japanese style of wasabi? Yes it’s tangy but combined with avocado, sesame seeds, and chili powder plus additional companion of flour chips to eat with, this raw appetizer tasted very delish. Unlike tuna tartare in common, tuna was cut in bigger diced, so did the avocado. The wasabi dressing tasted strong and spicy but still in balance with the overall taste. Eating whole tartare with the flour chips was very nice since you’ll find the crunchiness texture above the freshness of the tartare. If you like a raw and light appetizer to start with, I really recommend this plate!

kilo kitchen bali
Wasabi Tuna Tartare (Avocado, Sesame Seeds, Flour Chips) – IDR 100.000
Black and White Prawn Raviolis – IDR 100.000

Raviolis is very Italian and common but Kilo had done a good job to bring this pasta to the next level. The raviolis was made to be white at one side and black at the other side. I found that the raviolis was a bit thick in texture but what made me impressed was its sake butter sauce. Instead of serving the sauce in liquid, the creators made it into foam by using emulsification to combine butter and sake. These two elements was no way to be together if it didn’t use molecular gastronomy. Adding sprinkle of grated parmesan on the top, the foam tasted buttery, sweet, and cheesy. The flavor was more than complete with nutty from the rocket.

kilo kitchen bali
Black and White Prawn Raviolis (Sake Butter Sauce, Rocket, Parmesan) – IDR 100.000
Club Kilo – IDR 110.000

This Japanese sandwiches had bacon for the sliced meat, toasted nori instead of lettuce, avocado instead of cheese and miso mayo instead of usual mayo.  The main star of the dish was chicken katsu that was cooked in thiny sliced. All of these fillings were being arranged into three pieces of toasted bread and served with chili sauce and potato chips. 

kilo kitchen bali
Club Kilo (Chicken Katsu, Bacon, Toasted Nori, Avocado, Miso Mayo) – IDR 110.000
Mixed vegetables, quinoa, and tempura school prawns – IDR 95.000

This nutritious menu is available during lunch services at Kilo. By looking at the ingredients, this dish is remind me with mixed Indonesian salad called gado-gado and Korean traditional mixed rice called bibimbap. Maybe, this menu is fusion combination of both. That was my theory.

Anyway. The protein come from mixed vegetables consist of sweet corn, radish, kacang panjang, cherry tomatoes, bean sprouts, avocado, pickled shintake mushrooms, local kailan, crispy onion, and roasted peanuts. For carbohydrate and toppings, customers are able to choose from the list based on their preference. I had quinoa as based and tempura school prawn for the toppings. The dish was served together with chipotle.

kilo kitchen bali
Mixed vegetables, quinoa, and tempura school prawns – IDR 95.000
Chocolate Lava Cake – IDR 80.000

This was my last plate on the table. There was nothing special with this dessert actually but they put details on cooking and serving this molten lava. The cake was cooked to perfection. What special is the selection of ingredients for the chocolate. I’m not sure what kind of chocolate that they use but it tasted different with usual chocolate.  Vanilla ice cream was very common but adding glossy walnuts was nice as it gave crunchy texture for overall taste.

kilo kitchen bali
Chocolate Lava Cake – IDR 80.000
Cocktails – IDR 90.000 – 150.000

Aside of restaurant, Kilo also has a bar corner, open until 24.00. They serve various kind of drinks, one of most popular ones are cocktails. Those who like strong flavour could try Orale Wey which was tangy, spicy, and sour. It was made from two finger tequila, chipotle, tamarind, agabe nectar, lime juices and zest. Those who more into light and fresh flavour could go for A Sure Thing, consist of homemade vanilla infused vodka, cucumber, mint, and lime.

kilo kitchen bali
Orale Wey – IDR 90.000
kilo kitchen bali
A sure thing – IDR 120.000

Food is the most important media that every restaurant have to communicate with its customers. Good food won’t lie. When it is made with hearty and passion, their food will speak and show so. That was what I experienced in Kilo Kitchen Bali. 5 plates of food were being served and I enjoyed each plates that I got. Price at this restaurant is slightly high but it’s all worth it. Not only the food, I guarantee that you’ll fall in love with the place. That’s the end of this conversation.



kilo kitchen



Jl. Drupadi No.22, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali

Operational time:

Everyday, lunch 12.00 – 14.30, dinner 17.30 – 23.00, and bar 17.30 – 24.00






Kilo Bali




10% government tax and 7% service tax



Smoking room:

Yes, out door area 

Parking lot:

Yes for motorcycle, car by valet service


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