A hand painted national heroine lady decorated its brick wall. An old-fashioned chairs and furniture built up the vintage ambiance of the room. A smile welcomed me in to Kafe Batan Waru Kuta Bali.

It was a cloudy day in Kuta, unlike usual sunny day when I visited the restaurant. But a glass of  aromatic Balinese coffee warmed me up, boosting my curiosity about this traditional-looking restaurant. 


It all started in 1997, when a small home cooking Indonesian restaurant open its door for the first time in Jalan Dewi Sita, Ubud. The restaurant named as Kafe Batan Waru because it flanked between two Waru trees, while batan refers to Indonesian terms for trunk. 

The restaurant started with only small room, enough to occupy 50 people at once. But good food won’t lie. Made with love and passion, Kafe Batan Waru refined the authentic family recipes of Balinese food and other unique Indonesian cuisine towards the archipelago. 

As the business grew, second branch Kafe Batan Waru began to operates at Kuta in early 2004. The family business now knew as Bali Good Food (BGF) Group and have operated other sister business beside Kafe Batan Waru, including Terrazo Bar and Restaurant, Siam Sally, Cinta Grill, and Cinta Inn. They even have their own farm in Kintamani to produce all organic vegetables and herbs needed for restaurants.

kafe batan waru kuta bali
R.A Kartini hand painting as wall decoration


Kafe Batan Waru Kuta Bali has a colonial-modern interior separated into outdoor and indoor area. The restaurant has a spacious area both outdoor and indoor, could accommodate up to 180 people. Surrounding the dining room, you’ll find random traditional painting all covered the wall. It enhance not only the vintage ambiance but also the atmosphere of authentic Indonesian dining room.

In the middle of the room, there also a bar served various kind of beverages from wine, sangria, cocktails, liqueur and whiskey to healthy choices of juice, Kintamani coffee, farm-made tea, and smoothies.

kafe batan waru kuta bali
Kafe Batan Waru’s Indoor area with bar

kafe batan waru kuta bali


Kafe Batan Waru well-known for its healthy food  by using only fresh ingredients with no MSG and preservatives. Their own organic farm has played important role in ensuring the quality of ingredients. These are the reasons why price in this restaurant found to be expensive.


Up until now, the kitchen still  handled by the family member and used some of traditional equipment that inherited in Indonesian traditional kitchen, such as mortar to grid the spices.  Their main menu dominated by authentic Indonesian cuisine but some International comfort  and vegetarian menu also available such as; choices of salad, pasta, burger, sandwiches and steaks. 

To started with, Indonesian traditional snacks ‘Lemper Ayam’ which is  sticky rice and shredded chicken parcel wrapped and grilled in Banana leaf, was nothing you could found at any other place in Bali. While ‘Lumpia’ tasted a bit different with vegetarian fillings and accompanied by citrus dipping sauce.

kafe batan waru kuta bali
Lemper Ayam (sticky rice and shredded chicken parcel wrapped and grilled in Banana leaf)
kafe batan waru kuta bali
Lumpia (Crisp vegetarian spring rolls with shiitake mushrooms and rice vermicelli, served with citrus dipping sauce)

Their highlighted menu that I recommend for you is ‘Nasi Campur Batan Waru Spesial’, come in with quite big portion, the dish completed with orek tempe, red chili chicken, beef saté, beef dendeng, Javanese beef stew, long beans in kalasan sauce, egg, whole prawn fritter and sambal. The thinly sliced beef dendeng was a hit, as well as the beef stew and sauteed long bean. They gave twist of ‘kriuk, kriuk’ my mouth. 

kafe batan waru kuta bali
Nasi Campur Batan Waru Spesial (orek tempe, red chili chicken, beef saté, beef dendeng, Javanese beef stew, long beans in kalasan sauce, egg, whole prawn fritter and sambal)

Other notable main course at Kafe Batan Waru is ‘Bebek Goreng’. The fried duck was crips outside, tender inside. It served with long bean urap and three choices of traditional sambal. You can also choose to pick between local duck or peking duck.

kafe batan waru kuta bali
Bebek Goreng (Slow simmered with spice paste and fried crisp to order. Served with long bean urap and sambal. An Ubud speciality)

To close up the dine, ‘Bubur Injin’ made up in black rice pudding over with coconut milk and vanilla ice cream was one of Indonesian dessert choices you could have at Kafe Batan Waru. Additional of vanilla ice cream to the authentic family recipe brought up my appetite to dig in the plates.

kafe batan waru kuta bali
Bubur Injin (Balinese black rice pudding with coconut milk with vanilla ice cream)

Home recipes was once a home kitchen secrets that can only enjoyed by the family but in Kafe Batan Waru, you could taste the warmest of Indonesian family inherited recipes. The restaurant indeed a great choice for those who seek for healthy home cooking food with traditional ambiance, suitable for all ages either family, couples, friends, adults, or elderly. Other than Kuta, their first branch still opened their door until today in Jalan Dewi Sita, Ubud.


Lippo Mall Kuta, Lippo Mall Lt. Ground, Jalan Kartika Plaza, Kuta, Badung, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

(0361) 8978074

Operational time: 11.00-23.00

IG: @kafebatanwaru

FB: Kafe Batan Waru

Website: www.batanwaru.com

Tripadvisor: Kafe Batan Waru Kuta

Tax: 17.7% government tax and service tax

Wifi: Yes

Smoking room: Yes

Music: No live music

Parking lot: Mall parking lot


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