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Deluxe Room

Nightlife, bars, sightseeing, eat, beach, shopping, meet ups, sunbathing. If you planned to visit Bali for these things, maybe this hotel is for you. Harper Kuta Bali is a brand new hotel managed by Aston, part of Archipelago International β€” one of largest Indonesian based hotel operator. This hotel just operated for about 3 years but already become one of top four star hotel in Kuta. Its strategic location in Legian street was the successor factor why Harper keep consistent in keeping high occupancy since the first 3 months from their soft opening. This success also not to be a parted from its fabulous services. 

I stayed in this hotel for two days during my trip to Bali and these are some highlight that might be informative for you.

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Room: Huge, Rustic, AND TrapPed.  

HUGE was my first impression to the room. When I opened the door and stepped in, I was a bit surprised for its huge-huge-and-huge bedroom, huge enough for even two people in the room. That was the main factor that made a good sign of how I would enjoy my two days stay-cation in that huge room. Did I said ‘huge’ six times? 

RUSTIC was how Harper would like to character their interior style with. The room was dominated by soft color of grey, white, and brown. Additional blue touch in the sofas gave a calming effect in someway. The interior indeed made me enjoyed in short time.

harper kuta bali

TRAPPED. Yes, I got trapped. I thought that two big mineral water in the mini bar were provided for free, just like usual facilities. Later I found that there was a list of price and those bottles were included in, with higher price and taxes. But, they did gave free mineral water, but it just not well located. Where to find it? On the bathroom.

Well, well. I also trapped in a positive way though. I got trapped in the room and didn’t wanna go anywhere once I met the comfy bed, thick blanket, and 42″ LCD TV with HD channel. The bathroom complete with all you need for toiletries, hair dryer, and that factors who usually made me take a longer bath β€”  hot water x rain shower. I also love how the room comes up with lazy sofa and high speed internet access, it enable me to work in relax during the day. Located in the nightclub area, I worried too much about loud-noise-clubbing-music but it was nothing. They did a great job (and great investment, for sure) in isolating the room. Somehow, you still can hear the music but it just like lowest volume in your TV, definitely won’t disturb your rest.

harper kuta bali

harper kuta bali


Harper has only one restaurant located at the ground floor after lobby. Named as Rustik Bistro and Bar, the restaurant served breakfast and all day ala-carte dining. Overall, breakfast was in standard. It mostly dominated with Western and Chinese menu, there were about 6-7 choices of them including salad, sausages, porridge, rice, roasted tomatoes, processed potatoes, and others. Indonesian food also available in a separated corner from the main buffet but there were not much choices of it.  For those who don’t want a heavy breakfast, they provided choices of bakeries, fruits, toast, pancakes, juices, and cereal. Breakfast started to get busy at 8am, so if you wanna have a quite one go as early as you can.

p.s. I do love GRANOLA and they are the first who have it so far! 

harper kuta bali

harper kuta bali
Breakfast Buffet Situation
harper kuta bali
Chicken Sausage, Potato Curry, Roasted Tomatoes, Ratatouille, Mango Juice, Bakeries, Fruits, Strawberry Yogurt, and Granola

For all day dining, the restaurant served both lunch and dinner with choices in local and International menu. Most popular local menu including Oxtail Soup, Rustik Fried Rice, and Pisang Goreng while international comfort menu including choices of Sandwiches, XO Burger (I heard that this one was a hits), Chicken Cajun, Fish and Chips.

harper kuta bali
Table Situation. From upper left to bottom right: Super Beef Sandwich, Chicken Betutu Pizza, Fish and Chips, Rustic Chicken Kebab, Oxtail Soup, and Pisang Goreng

One of my top recommendation was their signature dish Rustic Chicken Kebab β€” grilled chicken and bell peppers served with wedges potatoes, sauteed mixed vegetables and black pepper sauce. Not only the presentation was unique with a custom made grill stick hanger, but it also taste really good. The spices was nicely permeated into the chicken. Nice pick if you’re craving for smoky ones.

harper kuta bali
Rustic Chicken Kebab – IDR 75.000,-

The second to be my favourite was Super Beef Sandwich. The sandwich filling was not like any other usual sandwich that I had. The beef was thinly sliced over with a hearty sauce. I’m not sure what sauce it was but it tasted savory and cheesy. They also use a wheat bread instead of the white one, which made me super full at the time. 

harper kuta bali
Super Beef Sandwich – IDR 65.000,-

Other unique dish to be pointed out is their mix culture menu, Chicken Betutu Pizza β€” thin crispy pizza topped with shredded Chicken Betutu, Betutu sauce, mixed raw and vegetables, and mozzarella. This Indo-Italian pizza was not the best pizza that I had but nice to try if you wanna have a little Indonesian twist in your comfy meal. Maybe in the afternoon after swimming with a glass of cocktail, would you?

harper kuta bali
Chicken Betutu Pizza – IDR 65.000,-

Who will reject the greatest Indonesian street-food-snack, Pisang Goreng? I won’t, especially when the deep fried battered banana topped with cheddar cheese over with a thick chocolate sauce, and served in warm. Heavenly in heaven, no more to say when you hit that crispy part “kriuk…kriuk…”. Thus, I wished they have more crispy part for the texture to make that crispy sound.

harper kuta bali
Pisang Goreng – IDR 40.000,-

Aside restaurant, Rustic also has mini bar at the back side of the room where you could pamper yourself with fresh drinks from cocktails such as these Mojito and Blue Arrow Martini, beers, to non-alcoholics ones. The bar open during the day until late night.

harper kuta bali
Mojito IDR 89.000,- and Blue Arrow Martini IDR 89.000,-
harper kuta bali
Blue Arrow Martini IDR 89.000

Bali trip won’t complete without getting wet and sun bath, thus Harper come with giant swimming pool located right beside the restaurant. There also area for you to get sun bath but the lounge chairs was limited so better to be hurry to grab your seat. For ladies, they also provide all day spa facilities with friendly therapists. The nice thing was, a complementary 15 minutes Foot Spa was given to every hotel guests for FREE! Ladies and gentlemen, there were no way to more happy than this, especially when you almost break your leg after walking around all day. The spa was quite busy so make sure that you do a reservation first.

harper kuta bali
Free Foot Spa
harper kuta bali
Private Couple Spa Room

Harper Kuta Bali located very strategic at the heart of Legian street. You’ll not get bored for having weeks stay at the place since all of the must visit destination around Kuta were reachable just by walk. If you come to Bali for nightlife, shopping, and entertainment, this place is more than just perfect. Walking through the hotel entrance, Ground Zero Legian (Bali bombing monument), Sky Garden Bali, and other night clubs were all there for you. This road was so damn busy at night with a very bad traffic, so forget about motorcycle or car. Instead, use your feet.

They also have short cut access to Beachwalk Mall (the greatest mall in Bali) and Kuta Beach on the back side road. From lobby, you’ll just need to follow a row signed “To The Beach” and walk until you find a door. Open the door, follow the road and you already at Poppies where the cheap-shops, restaurants, tattoos, and spas all on the way to the mall and beach.

harper kuta bali

harper kuta bali

harper kuta bali

harper kuta bali

ANY Questions?

To sum up this review, I’m going to answer typically questions that you might ask regarding to the hotel. Hope it will help! 

Is the hotel appropriate for kids?

Well, yes. They have super huge deluxe room that was nice for a small family with kids. If you are afraid of the noise sound from the club, then make sure that you requested a room in higher level. I got a room in 6th floor and it was quite and enjoyable. Moreover, they also provide a kids pool beside the main pool. But if you bring a baby or elderly, maybe you have to consider it again.

Do they have a balcony?

Yes, they have. But not all rooms have it. If you wanna get that balcony in your room, make sure that you mention in during reservation.

Should I do reservation?

Yes please, because the hotel is in high occupation almost all the time. Please make sure that you do instead of pooping directly in the reception.

Can do early check-in?

I guess no. I do check out at 12pm and saw a bunch of people want to do an early check-in but ended waiting in the lobby. The hotel is giving the their best to provide room as soon as possible but it’s better to get in at the time. 

Do they have airport transfer?

Yes, they have but with an additional charge.

Who will you recommend this hotel for?

The hotel is suit the best for young, couple, family, and groups.

If you go back to Kuta, will you stay at this hotel again?

It’s depend on my vacation purposes. If I go to Bali for fun, shopping, and beaches, I’ll definitely go back. The room, service, and most important thing the location are all answer my needs, so why not?


Jl. Legian 73, Jl. Legian, Kuta, Bali 80361

Star: ****

Phone: (0361) 8469869

Website: www.harperhotels.com

Instagram: @harperkuta

Facebook: Harper Kuta

Email: kutainfo@harperhotels.com

Tripadvisor: Harper Kuta

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