Here is my quotes of the day; Healty soul come from healty mind, healty body come from healty drink (and food of course!). Green smoothies is one of my favorite among all because it is not only nutritious but also can do detoxification for your body. Choosing ingredients for green smoothies might be tricky because yes we can add every-greens into the blender, but then the taste mostly will be bitter or delicious if you’re doing right. I have been trying several times to combine right ingredients to create an appealing green smoothies for my breakfast detox that also could fit my daily budget and this recipe is the best overall.

In this recipe, I am using celery, spinach, apple, and banana. Celery and spinach are two of those powerful veggies that are well-consume in rare and can boost your immune system by cleansing detox. The secret ingredients in here are apple and banana because they help to reduce the bitter in those greens so it is delicious to drink. Nevertheless, based on my calculation, you only need to speed around IDR 6k (IDR = Indonesian Rupiah) for one glass of this green smoothie. So cheap right? 

Well, just a piece of advice for you who are planning to have this green smoothie every morning for the whole week. After buying all of ingredients needed for the smoothies, I usually cleaned, dried, and packed them in a plastic sealed (in this case I packed only celery and spinach) and labeled it. This method will help you much to keep the spinach and celery keep fresh for several days. 



Yield: 2 glasses



2 cups spinach

1/2 cup celery

1 apple

1 banana

1 cup water



Blend together all of the ingredients in a blender until well smooth. Serve immediately.

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