The dusty cafe bali

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Nicolas Vitetta is the main person behind a small thematic cafe named The Dusty Cafe, located at the heart of Seminyak, Bali. Back in 2014 when he started this business together with his sister and girlfriend, the cafe started with two floors tiny rooms that could accommodate less than 25 people at one time. Indeed, it is a typical French cafe. Nicolas himself come from French and has been working in culinary and hospitality world for years. Running their business for 2 years, now they have expanded their tiny cafe to another building beside the main one and build an outdoor area on the upper stairs.

the dusty cafe bali

The idea of this cafe is generated from Burning Man, an annual festival held in Nevada, California. At first, I didn’t get it why this festival could inspired him so much but after heard his story about this amazing festival, I started to understand why Burning Man could be so impacted full. Each year, thousands of people gather at Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to build a temporary metropolis city called Black Rock City, Here, everyone can contribute everything based on their own creativity and self expression to build the city. Attending this festival for several times, he tried to bring the spirit of Burning Man to Bali in the form of The Dusty Cafe.

the dusty cafe bali

Interesting, right?

Entering the room, you could see pictures taken in Burning Man are hanging in the wall. The concept of the room is half vintage and half industrial. Like what it is called, wall looks dusty with grey color and bricks. The room also completed with wooden tables and purple touch in its chair. I really like the way they added kind of lamp on each table that actually used as candle holder. Besides, the white flowery table mat  that being used also give a feminine touch for the whole table set. 

the dusty cafe bali

the dusty cafe bali

the dusty cafe bali

Most of the menu named uniquely after the arts from Burning Man. Foods are not to mention dominated with French cuisine with some of Italian and American touch. Beside main courses, the cafe also provided special menu choices for breakfast. The most interesting part that become a plus for the breakfast menu is  a healthy choice breakfast that mostly forgotten by cafe nowadays but wanted mostly by girls. I had two of their breakfast menu, they were Pink Parade and  Perfect Strawberry Granola. Beside, I also picked hot cappuccino as my breakfast companion. 

the dusty cafe bali
Pink Parade  IDR 65k – Toasted muffin bread with thinly sliced smoked salmon. spinach, poached eggs, over with hollandaise sauce

the dusty cafe bali

The Pink Parade which is actually Eggs Benedict come out with fresh ingredients that make the whole dish very delightful. The poached eggs were perfectly cook with runny yolk, over with hollandaise sauce that had a balance taste and thickness. The hot cappuccino was served with really cute piggy latte art accompanied with piece of chocolate biscuit. However the coffee is not too strong for coffee lovers. 

the dusty cafe bali
Hot Cappuccino IDR 28k

Perfect Strawberry Granola was my favourite after all for breakfast. There is no such things that could against the combination of strawberry and yogurt, ever. Adding granola and honey to the glass, this parfait was more than nutritious yet delicious. I wished that they could add some sliced bananas for carbohydrate intake, the parfait would be more perfect.

the dusty cafe bali
Perfect Strawberry Granola IDR 45k – Strawberry with yogurt and honey

Not only for breakfast, they also have healthy choices for beverages. I gave shoot for one of their best seller mocktails, named Dragonfly. Basically, this mocktails is similar like smoothies rather than juice because it has a thick texture. When looked at the color, I already knew that it used dragon fruits as it’s main ingredients but after tried it, surprisingly it has another flavors of strawberry, banana, and lime. Really refreshing!

the dusty cafe bali
Dragonfly IDR 50k – Mixed of dragon fruit, strawberry, banana, and lime

Best dishes that I had during my visitation is The Naked Heart which is fettuccine cooked with red pepper, cherry tomatoes, and marinated eggplant in tomato basil sauce. This was my first time to eat spaghetti with eggplants and I had to say that it combined really well with other ingredients. The taste of this spaghetti somehow give an Indonesian touch on its marinated eggplant and spiciness. But then, the tomato basil sauce was cooked nearly similar with marinara sauce. It gave a different dimension of Italian cuisine on the dish. Completed with touch of cheesy-salty taste of parmesan cheese, the pasta was served to perfection.

the dusty cafe bali
The Naked Heart IDR 60k – Fettuccine with marinated eggplant, red pepper and cherry tomatoes in tomato sauce basil topped with parmesan cheese

Another main course menu that you can find in this cafe beside pasta is burgers. I decided to try their beef burger named Art Car. It come out so French with caramelized onion on the top of the patty that made the burger tasted sweet. Accompanied with homemade mayonnaise and french fries, the burger could become the best pick for your lunch or dinner at this cafe.

the dusty cafe bali
Art Car IDR 85k – Salad, fresh tomatoes, caramelized onion, beef burger, em mental cheese with mayonnaise sauce

the dusty cafe bali

All of that delicious dishes finally had an happy ending with Exotic Mango Cheese Cake, plated beautifully. I had nothing to critics about the dessert because the taste was as good as the way it looked. Mango and strawberry combined really well, giving fresh sensation to the cheese cake. Topped with chocolate and whipped cream, eating every bites of this cake made me felt so guilty but I couldn’t stop! It’s so addictive. 

the dusty cafe bali
Exotic Mango Cheese Cake IDR 60k – HM cheese cake with fresh mango coulis and strawberry sauce

Coming to The Dusty Cafe and get to know Nicolas with his journey from French to Black Rock city to Bali has inspired me a lot. The cafe might be small, similar by how it was named. However, the uniqueness of its thematic interior, coziness of the place, and delicious foods has made this cafe memorable and worth to visit. As you walk by in Seminyak, you could easily find this cafe at Jln. Camplung Tanduk No. 4. Just give your 30 minutes to sit in this cafe and you will get to experience the vibes of Burning Man spirit in Bali.



Jalan Camplung Tanduk No. 4, Kuta, Bali

Operational time:

Everyday, 09.00am – 11.00pm





The Dusty Cafe



Smoking room:

Yes, out door area at second floor

Parking lot:

Motorcycle only

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