delicioso bistro and restaurant bali

Bali is not always about beaches, sun bathing, and surfing. Have you ever thinking to just go around and do food hunting? Well, maybe doesn’t make any sense but you should try it once! Just spend one of your day to explore Bali’s food and you’ll get to those corner which are not in the hustle bustle of tourist area but also worth to visit.

I come to Bali for food. And one day, ended in this beautiful homey place named Delicioso Bistro and Restaurant. This place is way far from the crowd. Reading the board name, I was thinking that this must be-definitely-exactly one of Italian restaurant. Those pizza, spaghetti, and fettuccine kind of things. But I was totally wrong!

delicioso bistro and restaurant bali

delicioso bistro and restaurant: perfect place to enjoy your afternoon

Stepped inside the restaurant, you will be welcomed with modern-wooden-cozy interior which somehow felt so homey. The dominant pastel and soft colour in the furniture worked like magic, creating a relax and enjoyable atmosphere all around. They also have outdoor area which settled up with wooden green chairs and table, surrounded with greens. Such a perfect place to spend your afternoon, take a cup of tea and bagels, reading book, and relax. 

delicioso bistro and restaurant bali

delicioso bistro and restaurant bali

delicioso bistro and restaurant bali
right place to find thick goulash soup and sauerkraut

I was so impressed when they handled me their menu. It was beyond my imagination. Yes, they had pizza and spaghetti but other than that, there were various choices of authentic European dished, most of if was Western European such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Those who created the menu must be know well about European foods, unless having Goulash, Tafelspitz, Minestrone, and Königsberger in the menu was nearly impossible. I love they keep the authenticity, which was oftenly modified by restaurants nowadays to suits their budget, easily miss en place, and taste of local people. Their Goulash soup was thick as how it supposed to be and they even had homemade sauerkraut as side dish for their Grilled Pork Belly. Curious about the menu? You can check it here

from simple salad to Grilled pork belly

It’s all started with simple Grilled Chicken Salad. As Grilled Chicken Salad in common, the salad consist of simple seasoned grilled chicken breast, mix greens, mozzarella, and dressing. Instead of using croutons, the salad was accompanied by piece of baked-to-crispy baguette. Nice catch to open the dine.

delicioso bistro and restaurant bali
Grilled Chicken Salad – IDR 60.000

From this point, everything has changed. They served a bowl of Goulash Soup which taken my heart away. It was my first time to eat Goulash and it was thick just like what I’ve been imagine all this time. The stews (including potato, carrot, and beef) were all tender, and it was strong with herbs and spices. At one point, the Goulash has a scent of spicy because of its paprika but it was not at all.  This rich in taste soup was perfectly match with the crispy baguette, bringing your appetite up.

delicioso bistro and restaurant bali
Goulash Soup – IDR 60.000

Moving from soup to seafood, their Fillet Fish Dory Meuniere was a nice picked for you who wish for mild-in-taste food. The pan fried dory was perfectly seasoned, it’s not salty and fishy, but I wished for more brown and crispier skin. Maybe another 1 minute in pan will be perfect. The butter and capers sauce was a nice companion for the fish. Actually, it was similar with fish and chips, but it’s not the same though. Instead of french fries, the dory was accompanied by butter rice.

delicioso bistro and restaurant bali
Fillet Fish Dory Meuniere – IDR 90.000

Coming next was Grilled Scented Lamb Chops. Lamb chop usually accompanied by mushroom or black pepper sauce, but Delicioso’s Lamb Chop has a unique combination with mint sauce. It was served with simple salad and choices of potatoes as staple. I cannot describe well how it was since I didn’t get to taste it but it looked delicious and scenty.

delicioso bistro and restaurant bali
Grilled Scented Lamb Chops – IDR 165.000

The winner of the dine is Grilled Pork Belly. It was grilled to perfection with very crispy skin in the outside and tender inside. The pork belly was nicely served with black pepper sauce — basic sauce that will match in all occasion. I like how they put additional sauerkraut as side dish, it gave authentic Germany touch for the dish. The pork belly also accompanied by mashed potatoes. Beside Grilled Pork Belly, they also have Pork Knuckle in their menu. But I already too full for another plate so I owe that. 

delicioso bistro and restaurant bali

delicioso bistro and restaurant bali
Grilled Pork Belly – IDR 90.000

At last, beautifully set Green Tea Pannacotta closed my dine at Delicioso. The two layer pannacotta was accompanied by whip cream, green tea dust, green tea sauce and strawberry sauce. The taste of green tea was still there although part of it layered by vanilla. This pannacotta was damnly cheap, only cost IDR 25.000 — half price from other pannacotta I found in other restaurant. At this price, having plate of this sweets was totally worth.

delicioso bistro and restaurant bali
Green Tea Pannacotta – IDR 25.000
IXORA: AN EXPERT in baking and pastry

Done with my meal, I had a small tour around the restaurant and ended in a meeting at the second floor. The room was not that big. It was nicely decorated with cake display while many awards aligned on the shelf. The manager told me that the restaurant also have one other brand named Ixora which specialized in cakes, bread, and pastries. Ixora has been established since 1998, which was far away from Delicioso Bistro and Restaurant. Up until now, Ixora not only receive a custom order but also become a supplier and open for cake business consultation. If you want to try their cakes and bread, they have small shop in the first floor. They also have gelato with IDR 15.000 per scoop!

delicioso bistro and restaurant bali

WHERE to find the gem

Delicioso Bistro and Restaurant was a nice place to go if you wish to away for awhile from the Bali’s crowd. The restaurant surrounded by private villas and villager houses so it’s a bit quite from the hustle bustle. Located in Northern Bali, it’s a bit far to reach from Kuta beach, but easily to catch from Jln. Petitenget, only 10 minutes by car/motorbike.  What made this restaurant stand out was their choices in European comfort food which can be eaten in all occasion. Besides, they also have competitive price compared with restaurants in Seminyak and Kuta area. I had a really great time in the restaurant and surely will be back for their Pork Knuckle!

delicioso bistro and restaurant


Jl. Raya Semer No. 168, Kerobokan, Bali

Operational time:

Everyday, 7.30am to 10.30pm

Phone number:

0361 849 9346




Delicioso Bali




10% government tax, 5% service tax



Smoking room:

Yes, out door area 

Parking lot:



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