Hello there! It has been a long time from previous cafe review on my blog (sorry for that) and finally yesterday I could have a quick visit to one small cafe near Core Bonet Hotel, East Surabaya. Hold on! I know that you are guessing. Let me tell you a hint, this cafe have a vintage interior with semi blue and white colour. It has two floors and located  beside Bonami. Okay, you might be already know which cafe that I mean. It’s Cup and Crumbs.


This cafe located in the main food district where you could find many various food offered by various restaurant as well, from Indonesian, American, Japanese and Chinese (even Mcd, noted this if you accidentally hungry in the midnight). If you are going through this district, you will notice Cup and Crumbs easily by its brick and transparent glass wall. Actually, it has been a while since I and Denny (yes, my bf) planned to try this cafe out. I have to admit that every time I pass through the street, I always try to peep inside the cafe through their wall glasses to look at their menu and desserts. Until one day he said “Okay, maybe I have to take you there to make you stop peeping every time we pass this cafe”.  And finally, finally… we found our time to go to this cafe, although it was a quick visit.



Okay, anyway. When I first entered the cafe I found that this cafe is quite small compared to what its look like from outside. It might be only accommodate around 25-30 people in the first floor. I am not really sure about the second floor since it is being closed to public (I am wondering why actually). This cafe have simple and clean ambiance, very recommended  for those who want to spend their time working on laptop or those who want to have short quick meetup with friends. 




From the menu perspective, I can say that this cafe is suitable for those who like sweets or just want to have small dessert and drinks to brighten their day. They also have choices for main dishes (breakfast and lunch), but the choices is not much though. They seems like emphasizing their specialty in providing beverages since I found there are so many choices for drinks being offered from tea, blend, and coffee. I started wondering maybe because of this they named their cafe with CUP in the first place. Another important thing to know that in this cafe, we need to order by our self to the cashier so do not hoping the waitress come to your table bringing menu, asking what to order. Another notes for you, the menu is stick on the wall!


Because I and Denny only have limited time and a bit full at that time, we did not order heavy menu for our visitation. Only one breakfast menu, one dessert, and one drink. But still it make our day!

Eggs Benedict – IDR 55k
Who don’t know this American breakfast dish? If you don’t then you must try! The portion of Cups and Crumb’s eggs benedict is quite big, enough to make you full in the morning. It is consist two pieces of baguette which then topped with bacon/ham (you can choose), blanched spinach, and poached eggs, serve over hollandaise sauce and accompanied with simple salad. Their eggs benedicts is well plating and overall tasted okay. The problem is only lay on their hollandaise sauce which is over thick yet not airy and smooth, maybe it is because they cook it.


Poffertjes Choco Banana – IDR  55k
A piece of information for you, Poffertjes is one of Dutch traditional pancake that have small size (I would like to say it looks like baby pancake) and fluffy texture. So here, Cups and Crumbs have their own modify poffertjess but they still offer the original one in the menu though. For this choco banana flavor, they have chocolate poffertjess serve with sliced banana and scoop of vanilla ice cream, over with icing sugar dust and chocolate sweetened condense milk. Plating is okay, poffertjess is fluffy as well, ice cream make it taste even better. But maybe if they could change the chocolate sweetened condense milk with chocolate sauce or chocolate ganache, it will taste like heaven.



Blue Curacao – IDR  32k
Curacao is actually refer to one popular island in Ductch while blue curacao is their authentic cocktail from that island. Modify it from liquor to soda, Cups and Crumb’s blue curcao is serve with blue soda, strawberry and lychee, garnished with lemon bubble jelly on top of sliced lime. I really like their idea of modifying the beverage into soda and adding sensation of fruits taste into the drink. It is refreshing! 



Overall, I enjoy my time in Cups and Crumbs. Although this is a small cafe, but the ambiance, foods and desserts are good enough. My favorite overall in this visitation is their Poffertjes Choco Banana which I think brilliant idea to serve pancakes in different way (because people know pancake very well but not this baby pancake). Range of price in this cafe is quite expensive (in my perspective, comparing with the dishes that I got) so choose your menu wisely, menu that worth for your penny. The service time is average as well as the service. I surely will back to this cafe for my quick gateway run.



Jl. Manyar Kertoarjo V/19, Surabaya

Operational days:


Operational hours:

Sunday – Thursday: 09.00 – 22.00

Friday – Saturday: 09.00 – 23.00


(031) 5981036



Walk in or reservation:


Range of price:

We order 1 main course, 1 dessert, 1 drink and pay for IDR 156.200, include 10% TAX.

Main courses IDR 50k – 70k

Side dish and soup IDR 25k – 45k

Beverages IDR 30k – 40k

Dessert IDR 45k – 55k



Smoking Area:

No, outside only

EDC Machine:


Parking lot:



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