Singapore Food Hunting (Part II): 5 Best Places to Discover Singaporean Foods

Welcoming June. Time flies fast. Almost 6 months have passed since my first post in this blog to share my adventure in exploring culinary world. And those months have been awesome 🙂 Last month, I got a chance to visit Singapore and that was my first culinary trip ever. I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while and finally could make it real. Read more my first impression about Singapore and some of Singaporean foods temptation in my previous blog post.

Frankly to say, I don’t have much preparation on searching best place to go, best restaurant to visit, things to do, or must foods to eat. But, I’m doing my best going around here and there to capture interesting Singaporean foods for you. So, here are some places that I visited and found to have interesting Singaporean foods to try.

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Singapore Food Hunting (Part I): First Impression

It is closer to the end of May and this month has been an awesome month for me. No, I didn’t have a birthday nor getting bonus for my job. It is all because finally after not going anywhere for a year,  I could do another traveling adventure (read: culinary adventure). And what make it more special is I could do it with my other half 🙂

This was our first time traveling together. After talking about doing it since the very first time we met, finally our plan could be realized. We didn’t have any specific country in our list but considered that we only had a short time to escape our daily routines, we chose not to go far away from Indonesia. Singapore is the best choice after all so, there we were. Frankly to say, this was my first time to visit other Asian country. I had been far away to Europe before but I haven’t once in my life visit other country around Indonesia. So, I was pretty excited especially for the foods.  Keep reading 🙂

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Saveur Far East Plaza, Singapore: Never Say No to French Dining

Saveur Singapore
Duck confit with mashed potato, sautéed mushrooms, orange segment – $14.90

Saveur in French means flavor but in Singapore it is known as group who had established collection of restaurants specialized in French and European cuisine. Established in 2011, this fine dining restaurant has four branches through out Singapore, one of them located in Far East Plaza. During my visit to Singapore, my friend invited me to have a dine in this restaurant. Frankly to say, I’m in a mood of exploring Singaporean street food at that time but French cuisine? Who will reject that? At least, I won’t because I’m a fan of this food genre.

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