Sparkling Orange and Milk Soda


I know that I have been making smoothies all the time and now I am trying to make soda based drink that could refresh my afternoon. It is rainy season here now in West Java, Indonesia but the sun still shine so bright in the afternoon (while in the evening it will rain so hard). That is why I am trying to find a guilty pleasure for my day. Continue reading “Sparkling Orange and Milk Soda”

Green Detox Smoothies




Here is my quotes of the day; Healty soul come from healty mind, healty body come from healty drink (and food of course!). Green smoothies is one of my favorite among all because it is not only nutritious but also can do detoxification for your body. Choosing ingredients for green smoothies might be tricky because yes we can add every-greens into the blender, but then the taste mostly will be bitter or delicious if you’re doing right. I have been trying several times to combine right ingredients to create an appealing green smoothies for my breakfast detox that also could fit my daily budget and this recipe is the best overall. Continue reading “Green Detox Smoothies”

Palm Sugar Iced Milk Tea


Tea is one of our basic drink where we can found it everywhere, every time, in every meal we eat. We can enjoy tea either hot or cold. My favorite is iced tea because it is refreshing, suitable with tropical country like Indonesia. I’ve been growing up by only knowing how to make ice tea with white sugar (and sometimes sweetened condense milk) until one night I saw a video in youtube that showed how to make ice milk tea in three layers by adding additional combination that I have never expected; palm sugar.

Continue reading “Palm Sugar Iced Milk Tea”

Carrot, Papaya, and Chocolate Smoothie

carrto smoothies

Juice or smoothie? Which one will you choose? Well, for me I love smoothie rather than juice. I’m not saying that smoothie is better than juice though. Both of them have different method to make, different machine to use, and result in different texture. But, they are easy to make and have lots of nutrients. I choose smoothie because it has thick texture, smooth and blend well where I could combine many choices of fruits and also vegetable. Continue reading “Carrot, Papaya, and Chocolate Smoothie”