Spaghetti with Mung Bean Curry Sauce



You might ever hear about spaghetti cooked with curry sauce, but how about spaghetti cooked with MUNG BEAN curry sauce? Mung bean? Yes, that small and green lentils that typically grow into sprout. I know that it might sounds weirdo, but the taste is actually amazing. I got the inspiration to use this curry sauce when I and my friend have a walk around Islamic Religious Market in Surabaya, West Java. Well, that was my first visit since my first move to this beautiful city. During the walk, we decided to step in for dinner in one of Indo-Arabian restaurant who serve this curry. They called this curry as Gulai Maryam.  Continue reading “Spaghetti with Mung Bean Curry Sauce”

Fried Green Rice Burger with German Style Patties


Food combination is now a trend and I am thinking of green, spicy,  American, sushi and beef today. I know it is so random but I am finding my way to execute my imagination. Then I decided to cook this dish. To be honest, I am enjoying the process of cooking rather than eating. Okay, let me explain what is exactly I am making here. This dish is food combination from two different popular foods which come from two different countries, they are; fried rice from Indonesia and frinkadellen from German. Let me give a quick information about these two popular foods!

Continue reading “Fried Green Rice Burger with German Style Patties”