Kuta Central Park Hotel Bali Review: Getting Inside The Park

When in Kuta, Jalan Patih Jelantik and Dewi Sri have another story to be told. It’s easy access to Kuta Beach, Legian, and Sunset Road is the main reasons why those roads passed by everyone, either tourists or local citizens. The most popular Dewi Sri Food Court lied on the junction is another reason why those road surrounded with uncountable hotels — make them alive with people not only during the day but also at night. And Kuta Central Park Hotel Bali is one the oldest hotel built in that area.

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Ramayana Kuta Resort Bali Review: Luxury in Authenticity

Weekend is the best part of the whole week. After 5 days working, it is the best time to take a break, refresh your mind, learn something new, and motivate your self with something special, agree?

Simple trip to place you haven’t been, gathering with family, or sightseeing around might be nice things to do. But my favourite is pampering myself in a stay-cation. Where ever it is, it have to be good. So, this week I took you to Ramayana Kuta Resort Bali, one of the hippest resort in the center of Kuta. 

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Berry Glee Hotel Kuta Bali Review: Throwback a Glee Stay-Cation

The trio Berry titled hotel located at Kuta area might interest your sight, let you think of what’s the different between them. Berry Hotel which located at strategic area of Jalan Dewi Sri looked so budget friendly while Berry Biz Hotel which lies on the hustle bustle of big Sun Set Road suits more for business convenience. The two others berry’s seemed so casual but the last one, Berry Glee Hotel stand out with playful and fun concept, giving a one stop experience for your vacation in Kuta.

What’s inside? I captured and wrote it for you! Keep reading 🙂

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The Oasis Lagoon Sanur Bali (Review): Leisure and Sunrise Gateway!

Sanur indeed a nice place for catching sunrise. It took me weeks after my arrival in Bali to finally go for sunrise hunt and lucky me, I made it! *after desperate for raining in early morning* 

I went to Sanur not only with sunrise excuse, but also because I’m a bit bored with Kuta and its hustle bustle yet wanna stay away from it for a while. So, here I come with extended leisure, total stay for 2 days. Ubud and Nusa Dua are nice but Sanur is the most reachable one that I could go, it took me only 20 minutes to arrive at the hotel. During my trip, I spent my night and days at The Oasis Lagoon Sanur, Bali. I found that this four star hotel is one of the crowded one in the area, so I packed you with review to look inside the hotel and what you should know about catching the sunrise at Sanur.

p.s. Thanks to the hotel, they help me to catch the sunrise! Keep reading 🙂

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Rhadana Hotel Bali (Review): Thematic Moslem Friendly Hotel at Kuta

“Do not judge by the cover”. Well said proverbs, because this was what I experienced in Rhadana Hotel Kuta Bali. At glance, Rhadana looked ordinary just like any other usual hotel but who knows you’ll found 70 different thematic rooms inside? I didn’t expected that until having two night stay-cation at this three star hotel and figured everything out.

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Siesta Legian Hotel, Bali (Review): Family Oriented Hotel at Legian

It is almost impossible not to go to Legian or Kuta if you come to Bali. This famous area have become a-must-visit destination for its beaches, shops, and culinary. I always like to stay around since all the things can be reach by walk! Yes, Bali is super damn hot but it is cost-less if you can use your feet. Besides, the tiny Legian road has a bad traffic almost all the time. So walking become the best option over all.

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The Kana Hotel Kuta Bali (Review): Kuta’s Family Friendly Hotel


Remember my post about Star Anise Restaurant Bali last month? I was mentioning about having a night stay at The Kana Hotel just a couple walk at the back of the restaurant.  And here it is, my experience for that one night stay-cation.


The Kana Hotel Kuta Bali is a four star hotel located in the corner of Kuta. I said corner because you’ll not find this hotel in the hustle bustle of Kuta beach and nightclub, no. It’s around 20-30 minutes away from Kuta beach and a bit hidden at the back of the building. If you passed across the Jalan Setia Budi, you’ll find Star Anise Restaurant at right side before entering Sunset Road. Just go entering the restaurant area and you’ll get to see a small road with very beautiful bamboo all along the way, leading you to the hotel.

The kana hotel kuta bali
Photogenic bamboo! Take a picture here. You’ll love it!

Surprisingly, this hidden location didn’t make this hotel less crowded for visitors. Mostly this hotel are picked by ‘mature travelers’ either family, friends, or couple. The guests love to spend their quality time in the hotel by sunbathing, taking a nap, or reading at the swimming pool, eating in the restaurant, chit-chating, and even resting. They love the quietness and privacy of the place. And that is the unique selling point that this hotel has. No wonder they quite famous with ‘hidden gem’ or ‘family-friendly’ titled hotel.

The kana hotel kuta bali
Lobby area
the kana hotel kuta bali
Professional service for welcome drink. Indonesian snack, juices, and sanitizing towel

The Kana Hotel Kuta Bali has six types of room, two of the most favourite room are Deluxe room and Family Duplex. Deluxe Room  is the cheapest room at the hotel and could accommodates for two people with choices of twin and king size bed. They also have deluxe room with balcony but in higher price. While Family Duplex has two room upside down and could accommodate maximal four people. Amenities inside the room include flat screen TV 32″, air conditioner, tea and coffee maker, mini fridge, safety box, wifi, and wardrobe. Both of the room have similar bathroom. It’s clean and completed with toiletries, hairdryer, and rain shower.

I stayed at Deluxe Room and I truly enjoyed it. It was so quite, even in the afternoon! And I love it so much since it’s very rare to find a peace hotel room, especially in Kuta. They also have sofas by side the window and I find it as the best place for me to read my book. Working desk also available but it has very small space with no chair (the chair is the sofa!), so I prefer working in my bed. Lighting at the room in the evening was good, air conditioner and water heater works really well, but wifi was quite bit slow than expected. I’m not sure whether they have smoking room or not, but all I know all of their room was non smoking one. As a replacement for smoking facilities, they have like a smoking area in open air terrace located in each floor.

the kana hotel kuta bali
Deluxe Room
the kana hotel kuta bali
Welcome greetings
the kana hotel kuta bali
Family Duplex: Downside look
the kana hotel kuta bali
Family duplex: Upside look, also completed with flat tv screen, dresser, and wardrobe
the kana hotel kuta bali


The Kana Hotel Kuta Bali has two restaurants inside and outside the hotel. Seleriana restaurant is the one that located inside, serving for breakfast and all day dining. Another restaurant is Star Anise Restaurant, located outside, just a couple walk from the hotel. The restaurant serve for lunch and dinner.

For breakfast, they have quite many varieties. Mostly Western style but in the corner of buffet you’ll find Indonesian menu. They also have three open kitchen station for noodle, egg, and pancake/waffle. It started to get crowded in early morning at 8.00am since most of the guests are mature guests (Europe, Chinese, Japanese).

the kana hotel kuta bali
Breakfast situation
the kana hotel kuta bali
the kana hotel kuta bali
Breakfast table situation

Mostly, guests prefer to have their lunch and cocktail at Seleriana Restaurant and move to Star Anise Restaurant for dinner. The ambiance at Star Anise Restaurant indeed is more beautiful in the evening, packed with lamp and backyard garden. Guests even can enjoy the traditional dance performance every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. You can read more about it in my previous blog post. While Star Anise Restaurant serve only authentic Indonesian food, Seleriana Restaurant also serve all day dining but in wider choices. Not only Indonesian, there also other Asian and Western cuisine like pasta, pizza, burgers, and fish&chips. It also serve vegetarian choices.

I have my other lunch at Seleriana the day after I tried Star Anise and my first impression lied on it’s price. It was quite expensive for me but then it’s four star hotel at Kuta, nothing is cheap 🙁 

From overall the dishes, my recommendation were Sop Buntut and Nasi Goreng. I was really into their sop buntut since it has strong spices flavour, packed with veges, tender oxtail, and thick soup. This is the oxtail soup that I always wanted! The chef know really well how the real and authentic sop buntut is! Their Nasi goreng also delicious and plated really well with omelette bowl. I wonder how to fold the omelette that neat? 

the kana hotel kuta bali
Nasi Goreng – IDR 65.000++
the kana hotel kuta bali
Fish and Chips – Idr 75.000++
the kana hotel kuta bali
Beef Burger – Idr 75.000++
the kana hotel kuta bali
Sop buntut – Idr 95.000++
the kana hotel kuta bali
My lunch table situation


The best part of the hotel is not only it’s quite area, but also it’s large swimming pool and spacious area for sun bathing. The hotel know well that many of the guests like to spend their time beside the pool for sunbathing, reading, listening to the music, and even napping! So they provide many lounge chairs surrounded the pool. Beside the pool, you’ll also find a gym with quite complete fitness equipment. 

the kana hotel kuta bali
Swimming pool

What’s refreshing to have in the afternoon in hot sunny day? Cocktails and fresh fruit! 

The waitress are always ready to help you if you want to order some drinks when having your noon at the poolside. Either it’s a coktails, beer, wine, or non-alcohol one like juice and mock-tail, they have it on their menu. The nice part is, they also give fruit skewers consist of strawberry, melon, pineapple and papaya for FREE to all of the guests! *say horay!*

the kana hotel kuta bali
Cocktails, fruits, magazine, lounge chair, sun, and Bali. Anyone?
the kana hotel kuta bali
Have my all day sleep, food, and relaxing at the pool side 🙂


I found this notes at my room and always remember the second sentence at the first paragraph. They wanted that all of the guest leaving the hotel as ambassadors and that impossible to achieve without good hospitality.

The staffs in the hotel indeed very friendly and helpful. They will always greeting you every time you pass across the lobby, to the lift, to the restaurants, to everywhere in the hotel. What I like the most is the waitress at the restaurant who was so attentive to look for the the best table for me, even carefully taking on my orders, covering my foods when I suddenly have to go for a while. 


The unforgettable moment was when they celebrate the guest’s birthday during the breakfast. I was having toast at that time and suddenly the staffs bring a birthday cake and sing a birthday song for the guests next to my table. It was nice to know that your birthday was remembered and that was indeed part of hospitality. It’s a simple thing but very meaningful 🙂 


So all in all, I recommend this hotel for those of travelers who didn’t like to stay at the hustle bustle of Kuta area yet didn’t go to Kuta for shopping and stuffs. This hotel is very suitable for family and couple who having their honey moon 🙂


Jln. Setiabudi No. 8, Kuta, Bali 80361

Star: ****

Phone:  (0361) 8496100

Website: www.thekanakuta.com 

Facebook: The Kana Kuta Bali

Tripadvisor: The Kana Kuta Bali


J4 Hotel Legian Bali: For Young and Dynamic Soul (Review)

j4 hotel legian

Young and dynamic are the best two words to describe J4 Hotel Legian, Bali. This hotel was the most crowded hotel I visited during my exploration in Kuta. Location is definitely the main reason why this four star hotel gained so much guests everyday. Located strategically at the heart of Legian street, even closer to the night clubs. Other reason maybe because it’s affordable price that fit the traveler’s budget. No wonder, I meet so much young tourists from aboard as well as domestic guests at the hotel.

I’m going to give you a closer look so hang in there and keep reading! 🙂

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