Fresh Eggs! No More Old & Rotten Eggs in the Kitchen

 How to tell if eggs are fresh

What could be more happier than having a fresh eggs for your omelette in the morning? or a perfect poach egg for your eggs benedict?

That is a simple happiness of cooking that I found if I have fresh egg to cook with. Fresh eggs taste nicer even in simple cook like poached or boiled. Besides, it also could be transformed into anything nice, make your food more delicious. Simple example, it could produce a fluffier white when whisked, perfect for your meringue, hollandaise sauce, or mayonnaise base. In the side of nutrients, fresh eggs also come packed with much more better nutrients contain rather than the old ones.

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Kitchen Hacks: How to Quickly Peel Whole Garlic

Garlic is one of essential spices that being used almost in every cuisine from different part of the world; from French, Italian, Middle Eastern, and even Asian. In Indonesia, garlic is heavily use almost in every authentic dishes. It is a very based spices that become a must in the kitchen used for sauteing, stir fry, soups, braised, and anything. Its strong and special aroma works so well with Indonesian cuisine, adding a flavor that combined well with other typical Indonesian spices such as shallot, turmerics, and ginger.

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