Lesung Restaurant, Ubud Bali: Drawn to Nature

Eating out is always on my mind. Everywhere I am, food is always be number one. I remember my first time arrived in Ubud, my checklist was to find a restaurant with rice-field view to dine with. For me it’s simple, the place doesn’t have to be hype nor popular, taste always be number one. But this time, I want it so bad to have a dine accompanied with rice paddies. It’s like an eating-life-goals that should be achieved at least once in a life. I finally ended with a choice of restarant in my tripadvisor and guess what? I went there and they didn’t have the ‘real’ rice-field as what imagining of. I mean, they did plant it but it’s for decoration purposes only. Too bad.

But guys, I have a good news for you. If you have the same goal like I do, I finally have one great place that qualify it all! From the taste, from the view, this is what I’m looking for in Ubud. Doesn’t it sound awesome?

desa visesa ubud bali

desa visesa ubud bali

Okay so this place called, Lesung Restaurant, it is a part of Desa Visesa a cultural destination located at North of Ubud. Owned by The Royal Ubud Family, this village was well-maintained and far from the hustle bustle. I dropped of to Lesung Restaurant for a lunch between my packed schedule of daily activities at the village.  Read more my experience as villager at Desa Visesa in my previous blog post.

Rolling as the main restaurant of the resort, Lesung also open daily for walk-in guests who would like to experience a nature style of culinary. The best thing I had in this restaurant was, a picnic! Instead of sitting on the chair like any other common, I could sit at the edge of rice-field, enjoying the green view and fresh air. What I could hear was the sound of wind blowing through the paddies, very relaxing.

desa visesa ubud bali

My enjoyment of this place goes way beyond when I found a traditional delight on their menu list. However, as a part of resort’s restaurant, they also serve international menu choices such as steak and sandwiches. I ended with mostly Indonesian food based on the recommendation from the chef. Not to wait for long, plates of appetizing food served and here what I had.

Opening up my dine, I took my fork to Chili Herb Octopus — grilled octopus in chili flakes, served with tamarind sauce, and salad. The colour and looks of the dish might not resembled an octopus but the taste was something I couldn’t complain. It was well marinated and cooked to perfection. The hero was the sauce, it looked like overwhelmed but it turned out enhancing the umami taste of octopus, made it even more tastier!

desa visesa ubud bali
Chili Herb Octopus – Grilled Octopus in chili flakes, extra virgin olive oil, herbs salad

desa visesa ubud bali

The second appetizer that took my heart at the first bite was Signature “Lesung” salad. The idea of using jicama other than fresh mango as the main ingredients was briliant, I could say. Thai chili dressing was sweet, not to spicy, and refreshing. What I like the most about this salad is definitely the seafood. Lesung’s Chef know really well how to cook seafood in a right way, none of them are over or less cooked.
desa visesa ubud bali

desa visesa ubud bali
Signature “Lesung” — Char grill prawn, squid, fresh mango, jicama, onion, scallion, red pepper, cherry tomato, Thai chili sauce

desa visesa ubud bali

Nasi Goreng Kampung might sounds common but you’ve to taste it by yourself to define Lesung’s version is common or exceptional. Fact, one portion of fried rice has taken out 50% space of my tummy. It has a big portion and completed with not only pickle and sambal, but also skewers, fried shrimp, and traditional style of Indonesian fried chicken.

desa visesa ubud bali
Nasi Goreng Kampung — fried rice, chicken skewers, sate lilit, traditional fried chicken, fried noodle, pickles, and sambal

The only international dishes I ordered during the dine was one of main course, Beef Tenderloin Rossini. Cutting in, beautiful red center appeared nicely. Medium rare is how I like my steak done and they did it just right. Instead of potato pie, I prefer mash potatoes to be the staple accompanied the steak, but then it’s based on people’s preferences 🙂

desa visesa ubud bali
Beef tenderloin rossini — Grilled beef tenderloin, potato pie, asparagus, caramelized mushroom and shallot jus

A goodly refreshing dessert was all you wished for after the whole heavy meal and I met this Chocolate Hazelnut remarking my last plate at Lesung. Chocolate cake, hazelnut, and slices of fresh fruit was a serious killer, left me addicted til I ended with a clean plates.

desa visesa ubud bali
Chocolate Hazelnut — Milk chocolate cake, hazelnut paste, vanilla ice cream, pineapple cinammon, salsa, raspberry sauce

desa visesa ubud bali

The whole course I had at Lesung Restaurant was delightful and worth to walk back. The green view and relaxing sound of wind blowing through the paddies left a memorable companion of my dining experience. I was lucky to find this place during my Ubud exploration and it’s your turn to check it out! 🙂








Desa Visesa Ubud

Jl. Suweta, Banjar Bentuyung Sakti

Ubud – Gianjar 80571

Bali – Indonesia

+62 361 2091788

Opening Hours. 07:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Food: Indonesian, Asian, International

Website: visesaubud.com

Facebook: Desa Visesa Ubud

Instagram: @desavisesa



Cosmic Diner Bali: Eat-Trip Through American 60’s

Update from Sanur, Bali!

Not a new one but has been a notable player in this past 5 years. Cosmic Diner Bali is opened up their new branch in Sanur. I’ve been going back and forth, wanted to stepped in to their branch in Sun Set Road but finally ended here at their brand new place — same menu, bigger space, and obviously more photogenic.

cosmic diner bali

cosmic diner bali

cosmic diner bali

cosmic diner bali

Like a time capsule, Cosmic Diner Bali is taking me back with a sights and sounds of the decade. Stepped in inside, eccentric red wall combined with black and white flooring defining a retro-looking. Music, too, is being used to invoke the 60s. Nostalgic play tunes like “Living on a Jet Plane” by John Denver (1969), “Moon River’ ” by Andy William (1961) and “My Girl” by The Temptations (1964) are the classic who bringing out greatest music of golden ages.

What is most intriguing about the place is people could experience having a dine inside that famous American streamliner train. Breaking the history, diner refer to small fast food American restaurant serving a quick dine. Built in a wagon, the trend  slowly switch to streamliner train simply for it’s bigger space. This trend is still exist until now, even become those typically restaurant you could find at the side of road in America but definitely none in Indonesia (but we have warung, for sure). Inspired by this trend of dining, Cosmic Diner come with a thematically idea commercial itself as a place to quickly grab your meal. But the good looking place has also taking a heart and eyes of nowadays teens for their destination of  chit-chatting  and relax or what we called it as ‘nongkrong’. Pretty cool! 

cosmic diner bali

cosmic diner bali

cosmic diner bali

1960s also remarked the renaissance of robotic industrial. Going up to second floor, you’ll meet countless types of vintage robots with various color and shapes. At first,  I have no idea why they put that robot display around but later I noticed a convincing reason for that –robots were the booming toys at the era. Where to get them on the place maybe a good question better than why and it blown my mind when the manager said that they flied and hunted for it to New York. It’s good to see some antiques.

cosmic diner bali

cosmic diner bali

cosmic diner bali

cosmic diner bali

cosmic diner bali

cosmic diner bali

Revealing the food, despite it’s Diner title, the restaurant not only serves typically fast food grab like sandwich, burger, nachos, and quesadilla but it also comes with heavy plates like pasta, steaks, and back ribs. Lists of the menu were so various and left you imagine the rest for your upcoming visit. I ended up with four delicious plates; Grilled Corn, Tagliatelle Lobster, Aunt Maria’s Burger, and Steak Fancy.

Two refreshment accompanied me while waiting for my meal, Rocky Road and Berrylicious was two of best beverages I’ve found. Rocky Road is one of the best selling milkshake — a blend of baileys gelato and kahlua coffee liquor served with toasted marshmallow on the straw. While Rocky Road comes with pack calories in shot, Berrylicious is healthier choices, combination of blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, acai, maple, and yogurt. But peps, ingredients labeled the price 😉

Plating was not main-stream, this was what I’m thinking of when my sharing bites arrived on  the table. Taste was not that main-stream too, and this was what I can conclude after take a bite. Cosmic Diner’s version of grilled corn didn’t give that common and strong taste of BBQ sauce but let me to enjoy the rich taste of melted chipotle butter in sweet-smoky corn. The mild taste also accompanied with grana padano and popcorn, completed with sweet chili sour cream as sauce. I just wish that they could give more of sauce, so I can taste the sour-spicy in all my corn.

cosmic diner bali
Grilled Corn — IDR 45.000

Coming up next, Steak Fancy — 180g grass-fed Australian tenderloin served with Shiraz reduction, truffle mashed potatoes, and glazed baby corn. Not to lie the name, well-plated looks was define the fancy. Steak was nice, it’s medium with pink through out and tender. Mashed potatoes was so smooth but the crunchy carrot need more caramelize.

cosmic diner bali
Steak Fancy — IDR 275.000

cosmic diner bali

Tagliatelle Lobster was taking my heart of overall dishes. The fettuccine was cooked in creamed tomato sauce and jimbaran bamboo lobster over with grated grana padano. Sourness of tomato didn’t overtaking the taste, as well as the cream. It’s balance with umami essence from the diced lobster. A bit more seasoning and it will be more perfect, but it’s so good already!

cosmic diner bali
IDR 135.000

She’s looks kind but she’s not, just like her role in the fairy-tale. She’s the only reason why I decided to forget my dessert.  Aunt Maria’s, should be blamed for making my tummy nearly comes to explosion. Cosmic Diner has a line of convincing choices of burger but one reason that make it all attractive, the wagyu patty. While Aunt Maria’s looked sexy for me since it double up with chorizo and went Mexican with jalapeno and chipotle mayo.

cosmic diner bali
Aunt Maria’s — IDR 125.000

cosmic diner bali



Traveling through the time, back to 60s, Cosmic Diner Bali has dragging out a hole in a wall concept for its restaurant, moving the real diner ambiance from New York to Bali. Sit inside the streamliner train, drown with the oldiest music, and dig in the delicious food — sounds good enough for a eating out plan this week? 🙂









SANUR ARCADE, SH-1 Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai, Sanur – Bali

SUNSET STAR, Corner of Sunset Road & Dewi Sri Kuta Bali

LIPPO MALL KUTA, LG-11, Jalan Kartika Plaza, Lingkaran Segara Kuta, Bali

Operational hours: Everyday from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Food : American, Mexican, Italian

Website: cosmicdinerbali.com 

Facebook: Cosmic Diner Bali

Instagram: @cosmicdinerbali

Parking Lot: Yes

Wifi: Yes

Kismet Restaurant and Lounge Ubud Bali: When Passion Meet Fate

Best people live in Ubud, proverbs said. And it might be goes the same for food. Ubud is known as best place to find peace and enhance spiritual devotion. For me, it always be the best place to find what being called as conscious food. From comfort food to fine dine,  all made based on a rule to feed up the soul — perched high up on deliciousness and healthiness. Thus, leaving Ubud never be complete without having a proper meal says super vegetarian bowl or organic raw food plates.    

Kismet Restaurant and Lounge is one of those venerable restaurant player in the town, a project between two talented soul Chloe Carter and Mykah Sterling who destined to travel Ubud and meet one another. The name of the restaurant show it all, meaning unavoidable destiny or fate. Building dreams with pinch of belief and dust of hope, the spirited couple use their expertise in design and entrepreneur, turned an unknowable corner into something inconspicuous to put the eyes on. 

The small but notable restaurant lies at the corner of Jalan South Goutama, not in the hustle bustle thus creating a relaxing vibes to make people comfortably eat, sit, and chill. The over all interior designed in simple industrial tone, dominated with minimalist black, white, and woody brown but still influenced by local sensibility. While the first floor built in more casual ambiance suits for working space and gathering up with company, the second floor which titled as lounge set up in fine tables, dedicated for those who want to have a serious dine. 

Kismet Restaurant and Lounge Ubud

Kismet Restaurant and Lounge Ubud

Kismet Restaurant and Lounge Ubud

Kismet Restaurant and Lounge Ubud

Kismet Restaurant and Lounge Ubud

Kismet Restaurant and Lounge Ubud The restaurant built up with detail attention to serve the customer with best experiences in whatever the occasions. Let’s say, the community sofas in the first floor — has become favourite spot for a troupe who want to have fun with their kismet friends. Another creative sight is the red lamps hanging above every table on the main dining area — an effective shortcut to call waiter without having to wave or shout. Free flow water, glass of welcoming drink, high speed wifi, friendly staff, and attentive services work as additional spices that make Kismet so much loved.

From a small kitchen to table, the restaurant aim to serve hearty food with everlasting taste to be remembered. The kitchen rules are simple — vegetarian is a must, taste have to be vibrant, refined style is allowed, and high quality ingredients is needed.  Embed a global way to celebrate the dining, Kismet Restaurant and Lounge  has a unique menu fly across countries. Handed in the book, Lasagna and Pappardelle from Italia were not only two of Kismet top dishes, it then followed by Thailand Phad Thai, Indian Tikka Massala, and Canadian Poutine. The eclectic food are basically comfort ones but re-invented in Kismet touch. The idea derived from the mix cultures of the founders and taste of nostalgic food that they never get to find in Bali. Kismet Restaurant and Lounge Ubud Started with Asian wave, I found my plates filled up with fresh greens of Broccoli and Green Beans. The greenly color clearly stated that the veges was cooked into perfection — buttery and crunchy was something predictable. Regular rave that always be loved hit on Big Salad Bowl with choices of Classic, Asian, or Dragon twist and additional two or five skewers companion. I got an Asian version bowlblend of of 35% Korean, 35% Japan, 20% Indonesian, and 10% Kismet. It has mix of fresh veggies, kimchi, pickled ginger, seaweed, sesame seed, avocado, and complete vegan skewers. Peanut and ginger wasabi dressing also being present to revved up the flavor. 

Kismet Restaurant and Lounge Ubud
Broccoli and Green Bean – IDR 50.000
Kismet Restaurant and Lounge Ubud
Asian Bowls with complete skewers – IDR 85.000

Departed to Italia, Polenta Lasagna was one worth to walk back. This Italian inspired dish used pan-fried polenta instead of usual pasta dough, creating that ‘crack’ sound when bitten. The lovely texture also assembly with eggplant and zucchini while buffalo mozzarella and pesto sauce double up the layer, enriched the taste side by side. Lasagna then presented with slightly tangy marinara sauce but still balance the over all taste.

Kismet Restaurant and Lounge Ubud

Kismet Restaurant and Lounge Ubud
Polenta Lasagna – IDR 80.000

Cheese, wine, and friends. Must be old to be good. Bringing up the dine to another level, Kismet heated up with classic French tradition of cheese and wine pairing. Kismet Cheese Board was a large plate for sharing– consist of imported cheese, spicy cashews, toasted crostini, balsamic reduction, mixed olives, tamarind jelly, slice apple and pear. The wine list is limited but never misdoubt the elegance, such as Astrolabe Sauvignon Blanc 2016 from New Zealand.

Kismet Restaurant and Lounge Ubud
Kismet cheese board and wine- IDR 125.00

Dessert innovation has overwhelmed the new look of Kismet sweets, giving much choices for sweet tooth.  Able to choose favourite dessert at the display freezer, Chocolate Royal Dome was simply attract my attention at the first sight. The newly comer definitely won in terms of presentation compare to others. It’s tempting chocolate glaze was a prove of visual delicacy but wasn’t able to dig in and see what’s inside left the real taste questionable.

Kismet Restaurant and Lounge Ubud

Kismet Restaurant and Lounge Ubud
Chocolate Royal Dome


What Chloe and Mykah put on the line was not only business, but also passion and love. Kismet Restaurant and Lounge is a prove that different path could unavoidable meet in a point, called destiny. Embrace the unique flavor across the globe, the restaurant is where to go for spending time with your kismet or even meet your kismet, either friends, family, or couple.   they believe different path could once meet in destiny. 

Hm, what if this month I meet my kismet?

Don’t know but for sure I found hearty food that made my heart beating 💗





#27X Jl South Goutama, Ubud, Gianyar, Indonesia 80571

Operational time: Breakfast 10.00-12.00, all day dining 12.00-22.45, until 23.30 available only drink and dessert 

IG: @kismet.bali.restaurant

FB: Kismet Restaurant & Lounge

Website: www.kismetbali.com

Tripadvisor: Kismet Restaurant & Lounge

Cuisine: Italian, Japanese, Thailand, Canadian, French

Wifi: Yes

Smoking room: Yes

Live Music: No

Parking lot: Yes for motorbike, by appointment only for car


Waroeng Dadong Bali: Discovering Rural Exotic Taste of Bali

Bali didn’t only has beautiful beaches and landscapes to discover. Something not to be missed is definitely the authentic taste of local food that will make you dreaming day by day after leaving the island. The gift of nature, culture inherited by the locals, as well as the strong mores of Hindism has lead to create significant flavors that distinct the island from any where else in the country — yet it can be said as one of the exotic taste you would find in Indonesia. Island of God indeed is a right name to be given — for it’s beauty, for it’s culture, for it’s food.

It’s already my 5th month living here as part of this beautiful island but during this time I still can’t reach all of the region for it’s nature nor it’s culinary traditions. As if in Kuta, the notable dishes would be Babi Guling while the must to eat ones in Ubud is nothing than Nasi Ayam Kedawatan. There are uncountable of them, especially in the rural area with some even didn’t get noticed.

Bringing out culinary from different part of the island is likely arrange on a puzzle. Effort needed and only qualified cooks with strong traditional blood will do. And here is exactly what Waroeng Dadong, the newly opened restaurant in Kuta try to serve on their table.

waroeng dadong kuta bali

waroeng dadong kuta bali

waroeng dadong kuta bali

FullSizeRender 15

Waroeng Dadong, the restaurant’s name sounds classic but it was not that simple to be given. Waroeng refers to Indonesian traditional restaurant while dadong derived from Balinese language means the old woman or grandmother. Combining two, the restaurant aimed to bring the best authentic Balinese recipes from the ancestors. 

The effort not only being done with taste,  but also with visual approach of the interior. Instead of having a dine inside a building, here I had a pleasant traditional ambiance while enjoying the warm wind blew up in an open air. Monochrome portraits hang on its bricks wall, showing bright smile of Balinese girl — somehow it took me back to rural memories of walking on the rice field in Ubud. In the middle of the restaurant, small fish pound leading to a God statue separated the room into two. Best part of the interior could only be seen after sunset. As the sun goes down, the casual ambiance turned into beautiful view of dozens traditional rattan lamps shone on the woody ceilings. It was truly nice.

FullSizeRender 16

FullSizeRender 17

FullSizeRender 20

FullSizeRender 21

FullSizeRender 19

Waroeng Dadong’s menu come with vary Balinese traditional starters, soup, tipat (rice cakes), bubuh (porridge), and other ala carte main courses. They also have a complete set menu for those who would like to experience different taste of Balinese side dish at once. Following the locals, their food made of varieties spices blend with fresh vegetable and choice of chicken, pork, or fish. However, vegetarian choices is also available. What made me lifting up my eyebrow was the price — not because expensive but it’s affordable enough compare with notable typical restaurant in Kuta area.

During the feast, I got introduced with some of Balinese cuisine that are unknown but surprisingly good enough to make me keep dig in. The exotic starters went to Lindung Sune Cekuh — Balinese fried eel mixed with special garlic and galangal sauce. This crispy eel taste so honest but successfully turned that person who was not a big fan of eel to get addicted (Read: me). The plate also accompanied by steamed vegetable mixed with seasoned and spiced grated coconut or traditionally called as urab. Other comfort starter that can bring up your appetite might be that famous Balinese Chicken which is essentially shredded grilled chicken with Balinese spices dressing. 

Besides, bowls of signature Balinese soup also being served at Waroeng Dadong. There are only three soup options at present but just reading the ingredients left me licking my lips, Kuah Nangka Balung was one of them. Nothing can bet the rarely combination of young jack fruit and rich soup cooked with pork bone, agree?  

waroeng dadong kuta bali review
Lindung Kesuna Cekuh IDR 25.000 and Kuah Nangka Balung IDR 25.000
waroeng dadong kuta bali review
Balinese Chicken IDR 25.000

I started my main courses with beautifully platted Nasi Tumpeng Dadong consist of Balinese style rice coned (with choice of white rice, yellow rice, or steamed rice), spicy shredded chicken, fried egg balado, satay plecing, tum babi, kacang saur, urutan, and urab. This plate cost a bit expensive compare to all but worth the big portion. The heroes went to it’s sate plecing, one of the best I had! Other interesting menu that definitely will walk me back is Rendang Babi. I owe my self for that.

Waroeng dadong kuta bali
Nasi Tumpeng Dadong IDR 60.000

When Nasi Campur Babi is too common for you, try out this Brengkes Babi, one of notable pork menu at Waroeng Dadong. This dish was a bit unique, made of chopped pork skin and belly then mixed with young coconut and Balinese spices sauce. It then wrapped with banana leaves and grilled. The texture was soft when I spooned it on but still I could taste the chewy belly and strong Balinese flavor. The plate accompanied with rice and Balinese lawar, mixed of vegetables, coconut, and minced meat in rich herbs and spices.

waroeng dadong kuta bali review
Brengkes Babi IDR 40.000

For not-that-heavy meal, bowl of porridge over with peanut sauce, shredded chicken, and urab called Bubuh Base Kacang might be the option. Take it with sambal to have it tastier. I just noticed that Bali has it’s own rice cakes dishes and it become my favourite as well during the visitation. Tipat Kuah simply was rice cakes over by turmeric chicken stock, sprinkled with fried shredded coconut and nuts. I recommend both of this dishes for breakfast since it come with lighter taste.

waroeng dadong kuta bali review
Bubuh Base Kacang IDR 30.000
waroeng dadong kuta bali review
Tipat Kuah IDR 35.000

FullSizeRender 4

Closing the feast, these nostalgic sweets of Dadar Gulung and Lolon Dadong bring up the memories for having jajanan pasar so much. The plates also come with reasonable price with IDR 15.000 per portion. Taking a cup of Balinese coffee with the sweets couldn’t be more perfect to wrap up the afternoon.

FullSizeRender 2

Discovering authentic Balinese taste in one place frankly is what people needed when they come to Bali. With this concept, Waroeng Dadong differ itself as the pioneer to serve the exotic rural taste from the island. Nicely traditional inspired modern interior is another plus that bring out comfortable sitting while enjoying the meal. Located close to the Ngurahrai International airport, the restaurant might become a stopover as you arrived in Bali. Waroeng Dadong just open it’s door for the first time in this 14th January. Spirit to bring the best of local tradition is there, great food is there, and I am anticipated to see more of the greatest ahead!




  FullSizeRender 18  


Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No.20, Tuban, Kuta Sel., Bali, 80361 (0361) 8476797

Operational time: 10.00-22.00

IG: @waroengdadong

FB: Waroeng Dadong

Website: waroengdadong.com

Tripadvisor: Waroeng Dadong – Tuban Bali

Cuisine: Indonesian, Balinese

Wifi: Yes

Smoking room: Yes

Live Music: No

Parking lot: Yes


Batik Restaurant Bar Seminyak Bali: The Enchanted Batik Heritage House

I was sitting on my table, under the sky lantern lamps hanging beautifully above my head. It was cloudy that afternoon where sun shone a bit calm through the roof top panel but not to left down the ambiance of the entire room. I simply come to conclusion that this restaurant is a lovely place, good match for lunch, dinner, or even just to take a sip of cocktail.  It has a beautiful and modern interior that will make you comfortable to sit in a long time.

Batik Restaurant Bar seminyak
Restaurant interior

This is Batik Restaurant and Bar. Everything here is pleasant, just the way it is. But sooner I found there’re something more to tell. It’s way more than just beautiful. Something that people won’t notice at a glance.


I didn’t put my attention in detail when finally I realized that everything made for Batik Restaurant Bar wasn’t just a piece of art, but also part of Indonesian traditional heritage. 

Stepped inside the restaurant, a homey ambiance welcomed me warmly. The  interior was clean, dominated with white and pastel color. Batik inspired ceilings was covering the light, turned the simple room into the opposite way — modern yet complex. What come to attract me the most was six hanging batik fabrics on the wall. Arranged from the fadest to the brightest, those fabrics showed the six main steps in making Batik Solo from applying wax to the dying bath.

batik restaurant bar seminyak
Spotted six Solo Batik fabric on the wall, showing the main step of batik process

Meanwhile, at the back of the house, three high mirrors stood so pretentious behind the bar. At glance, there’re nothing special to admire beside the size but if you look a bit closer, hundreds of golden brown patterns which separated the mirror side by side are actually Batik stamps  — all handmade of copper strips, carefully cut, shaped and soldered. One stamp need approximately a month to be made. Just simply accumulate how much stamps you’ll find in the wall and how long the artisan took to make all of those pieces of art — the numbers will totally blown your mind.

Batik Restaurant and Bar
Hundreds of Batik Stamps decorating the bar interior

Right beside the bar, you also will get to see some woods in a jar — not any usual woods for decoration purposes only but to show the inherited tradition of using natural raw materials for Batik coloring, such as Kayu Tegeran Solo and Kayu Sencang to derived both yellow and red color.  These wood an only be found in certain parts of Indonesia.

Batik Restaurant Bar seminyak
Natural Batik’s raw materials

Following stairway to second floor is likely going to discover the beauty of batik all around city in Indonesia. Each step showed various Batik patterns influenced by each region’s culture. Batik from Jogjakarta, for instance. The pattern seem to formed a kris which was the traditional weapon used by nobleman long time ago. This symbol is also identical with the power of Jogjakarta’s kingdom. While, Semarang has it’s own uniqueness with its pattern resembling tree upside down or popularly known as asem in Javanese language. This term also used as the origin to name the city, Semarang.

batik restaurant bar seminyak
Discovering Batik in the stairway to second floor

If the first floor emphasizing the art of Batik in traditional, second floor proof that Batik is magical things that can also be modernized. The monochrome side of the house showing painted girl in bluish batik gave artistically impression that so much way to describe. Other interesting side was the wall creation made from 1800 holes and filled with 180 canting, forming letter by letter to ‘love batik’ words. 

batik restaurant bar bali
Second floor interior 
batik restaurant bar bali
Spotted wall decoration made from canting
batik restaurant bar bali
Canting that formed up to be ‘love batik’ words

The highlight went to two modern batik dresses display on the mannequin lady. Not just ordinary dresses, they were handmade creations by talented hand Ali Charisma — one of famous international fashion designer from Indonesia. His love for Indonesian batik worked like a spell, turned the traditional fabric to artistic modern dress with magnificent sense in details.

batik restaurant bar seminyak
Dresses displayed by Ali Charisma


I know for sure that Indonesian cuisine will be packed along with this batik house concept restaurant. But unexpectedly, that very convincing Thailand and Vietnamese cuisine also showed up, even dominating the menu in the same portion. For this reason, I ended up with decision to try out the restaurant’s recommendation from these two countries. Not to wait in a long time, four plates filled up with food arrived on my table. They simply made me licks my lips with my eyes focusing to decide which plate to dig in first.

batik restaurant bar bali
Four recommended course by Batik restaurant’s (from upper right to bottom left): Phad Kra Pow, Nem Nướng̣, Bánh xèo, and Thai Pandan Chicken


With no hesitation, Thai Pandan Chicken become my very first destination among all. That cracking sound when unwrapping the crispy pandan was a good sign that the chicken was perfectly deep fried. And as expected, they’re well marinated, tender,  and cooked to fully caramelized. Come to drizzle the chicken with the  sauce and hit it one bite, you’ll gonna put this dish for your checklist in another visit.  

batik restaurant bar seminyak
Thai Pandan Chicken – IDR 45.000

Vietnamese bites called Nem Nướng̣ come next with three pieces of skewers accompanied by fish dipping sauce  Nước chấm. It’s hard to resist the strong aroma and flavor of this marinated minced beef — especially when it grilled in lemongrass as the stick. 

Batik restaurant bar seminyak
Nem Nướng̣ – IDR 65.000

What’s special from Thai-cuisine will always be it’s light prepared dishes with aromatic components and spicy at the edge. This simply come to a reason why Phad Krapow shoudn’t be missed at the place. This comfort dish always be everyone’s favourite in Thailand for it’s simplicity but tasty flavor. Batik’s Phad Krapow was developed with a modern twist but not to forget the authentic taste.

batik restaurant bar seminyak
Thai Chicken Holy Basil or Phad Krapow – IDR 60.000

Forget about sweet crapes because at Batik I got to taste the savory ones! Those who wish for lighter meal, this dish definitely comes to save your appetite. Bánh xèo is essentially crispy rice flour crepes filled up with shrimp, chicken, bean sprouts, onion, and shallot.  This famous Vietnamese sizzling cake is rarely found in the town and unique in taste since it use turmeric powder in the batter.

batik restaurant bar seminyak
Bánh xèo – IDR 60.000

Too full for dessert, I finished my lunch with a glass of Batik’s signature cocktail, Lychee Madness — consist of vodka, blue caracao, lychees, triple sec, pineapple, and lime. As how it was name, I mad in the soft-blue colour, mad in the sweetness, mad in its aftertaste, and everything… it’s just too mad, too mad  in a love 🙂

batik restaurant bar seminyak
Lychee Madness – IDR 85.000

Batik is part of Indonesian heritage and this restaurant is hole-in-the-wall to show beauty of this inherited culture in the island. All of the artistic interior was designed with pride of Batik in the heart, creating thousand story to be shared. Not to doubt for the food, it prepared with a smiling face by developing the authentic recipes from ancestor. I never thought that my short visit to Batik Restaurant Bar Seminyak become something that I proudly to share.


It’s not easy, but here I said I got enchanted to meet you! 🙂







Jalan Kayu Aya, Seminyak, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Seminyak, Bali, 80361

(0361) 735171

Operational time: 11.00 – 24.00

IG: @batik_restaurant_bar

FB: BATIK Restaurant Bar

Website: www.batik-bali.com

Tripadvisor: BATIK Restaurant Bar

Vegetarian: Yes

Tax: government 10%, service 6%

Wifi: Yes

Smoking room: Yes

Live Music: No

Parking lot: Valet service

Bho Bho Thai Kuta Bali, Si Jago-nya Makanan Autentik Thailand

Kalau ngomongin tentang Thai-Food, yang pertama kali selalu ada dibenak gw adalah si gurih kwetiau ala Thailand or mostly known as Pad Thai — dengan udang segar, taburan kacang, dan perasan jeruk nipis. Menu lainnya yang juga ga bisa hilang dari benak gw sebagai pencinta makanan berkuah adalah si merah Tom Yom. Bayangkan nikmatnya hari hujan dengan hangatnya semangkuk sup asem pedes ini, pasti ga bakalan bisa move on!

Tapi guys, taukah kalian bahwa ternyata ada sederetan Thai-Food lainnya yang juga gak kalah lezatnya dibandingkan kedua hidangan tersebut? Well, gw gak pernah tau akan hal ini sampai akhirnya gw mampir ke salah satu Warung Thailand bernama Bho Bho Thai di Jalan Dewi Sri Kuta, Bali.

Dijuluki dengan title ‘warung’ karena memang restaurant khas Thailand ini dibangun kecil didepan rumah pemiliknya. Meja, kursi, hingga dapur yang sederhana – hal inilah yang kalian akan dapati ketika masuk sebagai penikmat Bho Bho Thai. Namun, dibalik kesederhanaan itu semua, warung ini termasuk kecil-kecil cabe rawit. Menu yang dihidangkan benar-benar autentik dan diracik khusus oleh pemiliknya, Merry. Sebelum membuka kedai ini, Merry bahkan sempat mengikuti training memasak di Thailand. Tak heran Bho Bho Thai menjadi kedai Thailand yang ikonik di daerah Kuta.

Di warung ini, untuk pertama kalinya gw bertatapan dengan makanan Thailand yang belum pernah gw jamah sebelumnya, mulai dari yang namanya pendek seperti Larb Neua sampai dengan yang namanya panjang seperti Phat Med Ma Muang Nimaphan. Gw sempat bingung karena hampir semua menu yang disajikan not that familiar ditelinga. Namun, setelah membaca penjelasan menu dan dibayangi dengan penjelasan komposisi ingredients yang ada, pilihan gw akhirnya jatuh ke tujuh buah menu dibawah ini. Please enjoy!

Gao Hor Bai Teoy

Gao Hor Bai Teoy atau yang juga dikenal dengan Ayam Balut Pandan adalah menu hidangan pembuka yang menurut surveynya hati gw yang paling dalam, mampu menggantikan posisi Thai Spring Roll. Yep! Gw totally fall in love with this dish, langsung pada gigitan yang pertama!

bho bho thai kuta bali
Gao Hor Bai Teoy – Ayam Balut Pandan

Gimana gak enak? Sebelum diolah, ayam terlebih dahulu di-marinate dengan santan dan bumbu khas Thailand semalaman. Kemudian, ayam bumbu tersebut dibalut dengan daun pandan, dikukus setengah matang, dan digoreng hingga kecoklatan. Kebayangkan betapa sedapnya aromatic pandan dan bumbu-bumbu yang mengkaramel akibat digoreng? And well, hidangan ini berhasil membuat gw rakus, menghabiskan satu porsi ayam ini sendiri.

Larb Neua

Larb Neua merupakan salah satu salad yang terkenal berasal dari Timur Laut Thailand. Sepintas, gw agak ga bisa membayangkan gimana rasanya ground beef yang digodok dengan irisan bawang merah, daun mint, coriander, serta dressing ala Thailand yang notabene fishy, sweet, sour, and spicy. But, it tasted so sexy! Uniknya, beberapa daerah di Thailand ada juga yang menyajikan Larb Neua ini dengan daging sapi mentah, but not in Bho Bho Thai ya friends!

bho bho thai kuta bali
Larb Neua – Salad Daging dengan herbs dan dressing khas Thailand

Untuk memadukan ground beef dan dressingan-nya ternyata tidak sembarangan just toast seperti salad-salad pada umumnya. Agar meresap, toasting-an justru dilakukan didalam smoky wok. Hem, yum!

Beef Gaeng Massaman

Red Curry dan Green Curry sudah terlalu main-stream untuk kategori Thai-curry, namun tidak dengan kari yang satu ini. Beef Gaeng Massaman atau yang juga dikenal dengan Mussulman curry merupakan salah satu makanan dari Selatan Thailand yang ter-influence oleh budaya Muslim. Yang membuat kari ini unik adalah campuran kacang yang telah dihancurkan halus didalam kuahnya. Kacang tersebut membuat kuah jadi kental dan bertekstur.

bho bho thai kuta bali
Beef Gaeng Massaman – Kari dengan kacang dan rempah-rempah

Ada banyak spekulasi mengenai keberadaan dry curry yang memiliki strong flavour ini. Sebagian jurnalis mengatakan bahwa Massaman dibawa oleh pedagang Persia pada abad ke-17. Adapula teori yang mengatakan bahwa resepnya diadaptasi dari masakan Malaysia dan India.

Apapun teorinya tetap Beef Gaeng Massaman  buat nagih dan wajib hukumnya untuk dicoba sebagai dish curry-mu di Bho Bho Thai!

Phat See Ew

Dikarenakan gw sudah cukup bosan dengan Pad Thai, untuk hidangan noodle gw akhirnya memilih Phat See Ew yang basically secara penampilan sebelas duabelas dengan Pad Thai, namun dari segi warna lebih gelap. Bagaimana dengan rasanya? Menurut lidah gw, Phat See Ew ala Bho Bho Thai mirip banget dengan kwetiau goreng ala Singaporean, namun dominan dengan rasa lada hitamnya. Dan setelah gw selidiki, memang ternyata hidangan ini terpengaruh oleh Chinese.

bho bho thai kuta bali
Phad See Ew Kwetiau Goreng denga Saus Lada Hitam

Phad Med Ma Muang Nimaphan

Selain Phad See Ew, makanan Thailand lainnya yang juga ter-influence oleh budaya Chinese adalah Phad Med Ma Mung Nimaphan. Yeah, I feel you guys, namanya panjang banget! Ma Mung Nimaphan sendiri berarti kacang mete yang ternyata merupakan salah satu komoditi unggul di daerah Phuket. Uniknya lagi, Ma Mung Nimaphan ini juga berarti ‘mangga dari surga’. Kok bisa? Apa Mungkin karena bentuk kacang mete yang menyerupai mangga dan tumbuh di Phuket yang terkenal akan keindahannya, hem… bisa jadi. Back to laptop! Dari komposisi ingredients dan rasanya, Phad Med Ma Mung Nimaphan ini mirip banget sama Chicken Kung Pao. Yang membedakan hanya warnanya yang lebih light karena dimasak dengan menggunakan light soy sauce

bho bho thai kuta bali
Phad Med Ma Mung Nimaphan – Ayam masak kacang mete

Phat Ka-Phrao

Kalau Indonesia punya Nasi Campur, Korea punya Bimbimbap, Thailand juga gak kalah punya khas nasi godok yang disebut Phat Ka-Pharo. Hidangan ini cukup simple, hanya terdiri dari tumisan daging, telur setengah matang, serta nasi. Tapi jangan salah, rasanya uenak pol! Yang membuat Phat Ka-Phrao ini spesial adalah khas aromatic ala Thailand dengan menggunakan herbs holy basil yang digoreng. Kebanyangkan wanginya gimana? Dan ternyata makanan ini cukup popular dikalangan para foreingers yang berkunjung ke Thailand, namun memang kurang terdengar ditelinga kita. Gimana,  sudah pernah coba?

bho bho thai kuta bali
Phat Ka-Phrao – Nasi disajikan dengan daging tumis saus basil dan telur

Khao Niaow Tu-rean

Dessert time! 

Setelah puas makan yang berat-berat, ini saatnya mencuci mulut dengan yang manis-manis. Jika biasanya dessert Thailand identik dengan mangga campur ketan, ternyata mereka juga punya versi lain yang gak kalah enaknya, yaitu Khao Niaow Tu-rean. Let me describe in detail about this dish! Durian yang manis kekuningan dipadukan dengan ketan yang gurih lalu disajikan dengan siraman saus santan kental yang coconuty dan dilengkapi dengan taburan wijen sangrai. Sedikit hyperbola, tapi it’s for real guys. Bagi kalian durian lovers, gw tantangin buat nyobain dessert yang satu ini!

bho bho thai kuta bali
Khao Niaow Tu-rean – Durian campur ketan

Sebenarnya masih banyak lagi menu Thailand lainnya di Bho Bho Thai yang buat gw penasaran dan ngiler tiada tara. Tapi for my first visit, 7 dishes diatas sudah sukses menggugah selera dan buat gw kenyang maksimal. Selain enak dan menunya yang anti-mainstream, harga makanan di Bho Bho Thai juga terjangkau. Untuk satu porsi hanya berkisar antara 20rb – 30rb which is very cheap dibandingkan dengan restaurant lain di daerah Kuta. Gak heran di hari dan jam tertentu, warung khas Thailand ini sangat ramai sampai nolakin tamu. Bagi kamu yang mau coba mampir, Bho Bho Thai buka dari Selasa hingga Minggu dari jam 10.30 pagi hingga 22.00 malam. Sawaddi Kab! 






Jalan Dewi Sri I No. 7, Legian, Kuta, Legian, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali

Operational time: 10.00-22.00, closed on Monday

IG: @bhobhothai

FB: Warung Bho Bho Thai

Website: bhobhothai.blogspot.co.id

Tripadvisor: Warung Bho Bho Thai

Wifi: Yes

Smoking room: Yes

Live Music: No

Parking lot: Yes


Byrdhouse Beach Club Sanur Bali: Eat, Play, and Laugh.

What should you do if life give you beach?

Stay with it, all day-all night-all day long. You eat, play, and laugh! 

And here I was, spending my whole day in Byrdhouse Beach Club Sanur Bali from day to night. Sanur indeed a perfect place for those who seek for the beauty of sunrise, sunset, and full moon in Bali. It also a match for you who didn’t feel like shopping or partying on your vacation. Just beach and selves quality time, you named it.

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Kafe Batan Waru Kuta Bali: From Family Recipes to the Plates

A hand painted national heroine lady decorated its brick wall. An old-fashioned chairs and furniture built up the vintage ambiance of the room. A smile welcomed me in to Kafe Batan Waru Kuta Bali.

It was a cloudy day in Kuta, unlike usual sunny day when I visited the restaurant. But a glass of  aromatic Balinese coffee warmed me up, boosting my curiosity about this traditional-looking restaurant. 

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