carrto smoothies

Juice or smoothie? Which one will you choose? Well, for me I love smoothie rather than juice. I’m not saying that smoothie is better than juice though. Both of them have different method to make, different machine to use, and result in different texture. But, they are easy to make and have lots of nutrients. I choose smoothie because it has thick texture, smooth and blend well where I could combine many choices of fruits and also vegetable. I really like to drink smoothie in the morning for my breakfast before doing my activities. All I need to do is just hit on my blender, it did not even take 5 minutes and viola a glass of superpower drink is created. Besides, having smoothie for dinner is also good for those of you who have diet program.

Last morning I tried to turn my all time favorite vegetable -which is carrot- into smoothie. I was thinking of what kind of fruit that I should combine in and I just remember that I bought some papaya couple days ago and have not finish all of them yet. Combining my carrot and papaya, I also try to use coconut water instead of usual water or ice. Nevertheless, because I have some chocolate leftover, I also try to combine it in for layers. This smoothies then turned up so beautiful with different layers and I could not help my self not to take some pics of it. The taste is just delicious. I could not believe that papaya and carrot could become perfect match for one and another. Coconut water also make this smoothie taste even better. Not to mention the chocolate part because I love it so much. You also can make this smoothie without chocolate if you are not a fan of it. It does not matter because the taste is already fantastic. For nutrients, this smoothie will give you vitamin A, B, and C. I know that you are curious about it so now break out your blender and try this smoothie recipes!




Yield: 2


1 carrot, peeled and cut roughly

1 1/2 cup papaya, diced

1/2 cup coconut water

2 tbsp cocoa powder

1/2  cup sweetened condensed chocolate milk


Blend papaya, carrot, and coconut water in blender then process until well smooth and pureed.

Combine cocoa powder and sweetened condensed chocolate milk in a bowl, stir until well combined becoming a thick chocolate mix.

In a glass, pour in couple spoons of smoothie followed by couple spoon of chocolate milk. Follow this step until the glass is full enough to be serve. Garnish and serve immediately.

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