buffet buka puasa surabaya 2016

Having a breakfasting buffet at 5 stars hotel with 50% discount?

I know this is what Surabaya’s people (yes, you) seek for in all of this season, aren’t you?

Well, this time is for real. With only IDR 150.000 nett/person, you can enjoy the luxury for having a breakfasting at Tangerine Restaurant at Pullman Hotel Surabaya. Keep reading ๐Ÿ™‚

buffet buka puasa surabaya 2016

Tangerine Restaurant is an international restaurant located at the ground level of Pullman Hotel Surabaya. Stepping inside the restaurant, guests will be welcomed with a modern and stylish ambiance but in a little bit old atmosphere at the same time. In this holy month, Tangerine Restaurant offers a special discount for those who want to have a breakfasting buffet at their place for 50%, from normal price IDR 300.000 to IDR 150.000 nett per person. This promotion is available everyday at 17.00-22.00. 

buka puasa surabaya 2016

Talking about the most important part after all, it’s about the food! Tangerine’s buffet serves international menu that quite vary in choices. Special menu that differ Tangerine from others is the touch of Thai cuisine on the starters and main course. They beautifully serve Thai Seafood Salad on a cocktail glass and give a refreshing hit for the entree. They also have popular Tomyam Soup and Fish with Thai Sauce which let you to explore the sourness and spiciness in your mouth. The Tomyam Soup is actually quite simple, made with only fish ball fillings but the Fish with Thai Sauce is a recommended one to try.

buffet buka puasa surabaya 2016
Thai Seafood Salad

Beside Thai cuisine, another corner that should be pointed out is the Dinsum stall that serve several variants of Dinsum choices. I didn’t get to try the Dinsum because it’s a hits where all people are looking for it. If you happen want to try their Dinsum, they have all you can eat Dinsum on regular day from 14.00-17.00 for IDR 90.000++. Other international menu that being served including Sweet Corn Salad, Sushi, and Breaded fish.

buffet buka puasa surabaya 2016
buffet buka puasa surabaya 2016
Sweet Corn Salad
buffet buka puasa surabaya 2016
buffet buka puasa surabaya 2016
Breaded Fish

Not only international, local menu also colored up Tangerine’s Ramadhan buffet. Some of the Indonesian foods that you’ll find such as Soto Madura, Gado-Gado, Chicken Noodle, and Kolak Pisang. The Gado-Gado is one of my favourite because the sauce just tasty, will be more tasty if it’s a little bit more spicy. Moreover they also have some desserts and sweets that you should not missed; Jajanan Pasar, Mocca Cake, and Chocolate Pudding.

buffet buka puasa surabaya 2016
Soto Madura
buffet buka puasa surabaya 2016
buffet buka puasa surabaya 2016
Chicken Noodle
buffet buka puasa surabaya 2016
Kolak Pisang
buffet buka puasa surabaya 2016
Chocolate Pudding
buffet buka puasa surabaya 2016
Mocca Cake

Not only open for breakfasting buffet, Tangerine Restaurant also have Buffet Sahur for IDR 120.000 nett/person and Ramadhan Ta’jil for IDR 75.000 nett/person. These ramadhan festive promotion will be ended at the last day of breakfasting month on 5th July 2016. For reservation you can call 031-5351555 ext. 4.




Jl. Basuki Rahmat No.67, Surabaya City, East Java


(031) 5351555

Buffet Breakfasting time:

6th June – 5th July 2016, 17.00-21.00






Pullman Surabaya


IDR 150.000 nett/person 



Smoking room:


Parking lot:

Hotel parking lot

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